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Spectre and "Sunavalon Dryas"
Spectre and "Sunavalon Dryas"
  • サンアバロン
  • San Abaron (romanized)
  • San Avalon (translated)
  • 聖天樹サンアバロン (anime)
  • 聖天樹 (base)
  • サンアバロン (ruby)
  • San Abaron (romanized)
  • San Avalon (translated)
  • Solairavalon
  • Sonnenavalon
  • Solaravalon
  • 생아발론
  • Saeng-aballon (romanized)
  • Solaravalon
  • Solaravalon
Anime appearances

"Sunavalon", known in Japanese as "San Avalon" (サンアバロン San Abaron), is an archetype of Plant Link Monsters used by Spectre. They are supported by the "Sunvine" archetype and related to the "Sunseed" archetype.

"Sunavalon" were a candidate to be released in Collection Pack 2020 and received 23.5% of votes in the poll, coming in second place. While they did not qualify for release in Collection Pack 2020, they were released later that same year in Selection 10.



The "Sunavalon" monsters have appearance of a giant tree with several fruits hanging from its branches. These fruits burst forth whenever they activate their effects to summon "Sunvine" Link Monsters monsters from the Extra Deck, from which the "Sunvine" monster emerges. On the center of the trunk is a face which is revealed to have a Dryad-like creature inside.


"Sunavalon" is written with the Kanji for "Sacred Heavenly Tree". The archetype name is a reference to Avalon, a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend whose name literally means "the isle of fruit trees". The name is generally considered to be of Welsh origin, derived from Old Welsh aball or avallen, which means "apple tree" or "fruit tree" respectively. These words may be derived from the Common Celtic word abalnā, which literally means "fruit-bearing thing", similar to how the "Sunavalon" monsters 'bear' the "Sunvine" monsters within their fruits. The members of this archetype are also named after characters from Greek mythology:

Sunavalon Origin
Daphne Daphne
Dryades Dryad
Dryanome Melinoë
Dryas Dryas
Dryatrentiay Thriae
Melias Meliae

Playing style[edit]

The "Sunavalon" monsters are used in conjunction with "Sunseed" and "Sunvine" monsters to form a defensive wall and allow the user to Special Summon Link Monsters from the latter series should they take damage in order to take control of the field. Due to the high swarming capabilities without requiring Link Material, the archetype allows the user to also maintain great hand advantage as well. To generate these combos, various techniques can be utilized to combo into the stronger Link Monsters.

To start, it is recommended to use Normal Monster support, such as "Rescue Rabbit" and "Unexpected Dai", to begin their combos by Summoning one or multiple "Sunseed Genius Loci" to the field from Deck. Another strategy to use are cards that inflict self-burn for their effects, such as "Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" and "Performage Trick Clown", in order to generate advantage while recovering from the burn and Summoning a "Sunvine" Link Monster on your turn; usually Sunvine Thrasher due to his ATK skyrocketing depending on the Link Rating of the "Sunavalon" monster he is Summoned to.

Recommended cards[edit]


One of the main weakness "Sunavalon" Decks are that the monsters usually have 0 ATK (with the exception of the 800 ATK "Sunvine Thrasher"), and they could easily be run over by high ATK beatsticks and effect negation in play.