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English name
  • Sunny
Japanese translatedCat Ears Cosplayer
Character typeStandard Duelist
Duel WorldDuel World (VRAINS)
First appearance onSeptember 28, 2022
English voice

Sunny, known as Cat Ears Cosplayer (猫耳コスプレイヤー Nekomimi Kosupureiyā) in Japanese, is a Standard Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. She appears in Duel World (VRAINS).



In Duel World (VRAINS), Sunny uses Decks from the pool of Standard Duelist Decks for that Duel World.


  • The monster Sunny cosplays is "Ghostrick Nekomusume". However, her costume lacks the monster's sleeves and hair bow.
    • Befitting her choice of cosplay, Sunny incorporates cat puns in her speech and occasionally makes cat noises at the end of her sentences.


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