Super Defense Robot

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Super Defense Robot
"Super Defense Robot Elephan" and "Super Defense Robot Lio".
  • SDスーパーヂフェンスロボ
  • SDロボ (base)
  • スーパーヂフェンスロボ (ruby)
  • Sūpā Difensu Robo (romanized)
  • Super Defense Robo (translated)

  • Super Défense

  • Superverteidigungsroboter

  • Super Robot da Difesa

  • SD슈퍼 디펜스 로보
  • SD 로보 (base)
  • 슈퍼 디펜스 로보 (ruby)
  • Syupeo Dipenseu Robo (romanized)
  • Super Defense Robo (translated)

  • Super Robô de Defesa

  • Súper Robot de Defensa


TCG Sets

Anime appearances

"Super Defense Robot", known as "Super Defense Robo" (SDスーパーヂフェンスロボ Sūpā Difensu Robo) in the OCG, is an archetype of EARTH Machine monsters used by Orbital 7 in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. The goal of this archetype is to quickly Xyz Summon Rank 8 Xyz Monsters, particularly their ace "Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon".

In the anime, they have a support card "Robocircus" that can aid in swarming, though in the OCG/TCG, the monsters have a similar swarming effect instead. In addition, the cards can work together with the card version of "Orbital 7".

All of the members are based on animals that commonly appeared in circus (even "Robocircus" itself is a circus), though their card names omit the last letter of the animals' names.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards


"Super Defense Robot" Decks are chock full of characteristics that make them one of the easiest Deck types to beat fairly quickly. First, being a Machine-Type archetype, they are easily predated upon via cards like "Magnetic Mosquito", "System Down" and "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon". Second, every "Super Defense Robot" monster (including "Orbital 7") have dismally low ATK and all of them except "Elephan" are Level 4, making them also a cakewalk as fodder for the "LV" "Armed Dragon"s, "Deck Destruction Virus", the tournament legal version of "Slifer the Sky Dragon", "King Tiger Wanghu", "Acidic Downpour" (for their EARTH Attribute) and "4-Starred Ladybug of Doom".

"Summon Breaker", "Summon Limit", "Narrow Pass" and any anti-Special Summoning support can also handicap these Decks since their plurality Special Summoning strategy is one of their few, if not their only bright side of the archetype; "Skill Drain", "Mind Drain" and "Angel O7" can also achieve this. "Mystic Fairy Elfuria" can also sack Xyz Summoning bids, which are possibly their only medium of bringing significant offense to the field. Finally, "Soul Drain", "Silent Graveyard", "Royal Prison" and "Skull Meister" can sack "Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon" by averting its return from the Graveyard.