Super Mobile Fortress Sixross

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Super Mobile Fortress Sixross

Super Mobile Fortress Sixross

English name

Super Mobile Fortress Sixross


  • Goha Enterprises
  • Goha Siblings

The Super Mobile Fortress Sixross is the Goha Siblings' spaceship in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.



The Super Mobile Fortress Sixross is a massive hexagonal craft shaped like the logo of the Goha Enterprises, with the "G" emblazoned on both of its faces and the colored fins jutting out physically. It is capable of docking with the Goha Enterprises Main Office in this state. When in space, it retracts the fins and portions of its frame to appear in a triangular shape.[1]

The Goha Siblings monitor events from a room containing a hexagonal screen and their seats suspended in a line, which can be retracted when not in use. There is also a room where they eat that contains a treadmill for exercise, though Yujin Goha destroyed this treadmill and the wall beside it, running right out of the ship.[2]

Yuo Goha has a room where he stores his puppets in cylindrical capsules that is dimly lit. This is also where he was analyzing one of his cards to determine if it could be used in a Rush Duel.[3][4]

The ship is capable of transporting people and objects safely to the ground with a red beam of energy, suspending them within it.[4]


Following an incident with space debris, the Goha Siblings and Proprietress returned to Earth in the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross.[5][1] After affixing Forced Gymnastics Armaments to the Super Rush Robot they entered Earth's atmosphere and docked the Super Mobile Fortress with the Goha Enterprises Main Office, triggering the "Welcome Home President" mode.[1]

After Yuro Goha was defeated by Yuga Ohdo, Yujin Goha vowed to train as hard as he could to avenge him, and while the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross was over Goha Harbor he ran so fast on its treadmill that he destroyed it, ran out the side of the ship, and into the sea below.[2] When the Goha Siblings learned the Rush Duel Club were at the tryouts for the Goha Astro Monsters, Yuka Goha took the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to the Goha Baseball Stadium and beamed down to challenge Romin Kassidy to a Rush Duel.[4] The Super Mobile Fortress Sixross also travelled to the Goha Martial Arts Stadium when Gavin Sogetsu accepted Yuran Goha's challenge for a Kendo Rush Duel.[6]

Yuo Goha took the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to Goha #7 Elementary to distribute his puppets throughout the school to scare the Rush Duel Club, though his efforts were blunted by Yuro, who ran all of the puppets down and identified the ship to Yuga and his friends. Yuo then transported himself down from the ship, making it seem as though he was in strings himself.[3]


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