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Super Quant
"Red Layer", "Green Layer", "Blue Layer" and "Fairy Alphan" in the artwork of "Super Quantal Alphan Spike".
  • ちょうりょう
  • 超量 (base)
  • ちょうりょう (ruby)
  • Chōryō (romanized)

  • Super Quant

  • Superquant

  • Super Quant

  • 초량

  • Super Quant

  • Súper Cuant


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"Super Quant" (ちょうりょう Chōryō) is an archetype debuting in Booster SP: Wing Raiders. The archetype contains two sub-archetypes, "Super Quantum", and "Super Quantal Mech Beast".


The "Super Quant" archetype is based on the Super Sentai/Power Rangers series. The Main Deck monsters are based on the Rangers, while the Xyz Monsters are based on the Zords, the giant robots they pilot.


The name of this archetype is a word play. While 超量 is not a Japanese word itself (the kanji individually mean "super"/"over-" and "amount"), it is the Chinese word for "excess", and is the Chinese name for Xyz Monsters. Furthermore, with the Main Deck monsters called "Layers", the names of the archetype's cards can also imply a play on "Over Layer(s)" - or, more precisely, a reference to Overlay. So, the Japanese kanji may make a reference to how this archetype is centered about colossal robots, while the Chinese meaning seems to make a play with "Xyz"/"Overlay".[1]


Main Deck[edit]

Super Quantum[edit]

Main article: Super Quantum
Level Attribute Super Quantum Origin Normal or Special Summon effect Graveyard effect Corresponding Super Quantal Mech Beast
3 WATER Blue Layer BlueDolphin Adds a "Super Quant" card from the controller's Deck to their hand, except "Blue Layer". Shuffles up to 3 targeted "Super Quant" cards from the controller's Graveyard into the Deck. Grampulse
4 WIND Green Layer GingaGreen / Green Galaxy Ranger Special Summons a "Super Quant" monster from the controller's hand. The controller discards a "Super Quant" card as a cost to draw a card. Aeroboros
5 FIRE Red Layer GaoRed / Red Lion Ranger Adds a targeted "Super Quant" card in the controller's Graveyard to their hand. Special Summons a targeted "Super Quant" monster from the Graveyard, except "Red Layer", but it cannot activate its effects. Magnaliger
7 LIGHT White Layer Gokai Silver The controller can send 1 "Super Quant" monster from their Deck to the GY and change this card's Attribute and Level to the same as the sent monster's. The controller can add 1 "Super Quantal Fairy Alphan" from their Deck or GY to the hand. Lusterrex


Level Attribute Super Quant Origin
1 LIGHT Alphan Alpha 5 / BOMPER

Extra Deck[edit]

Super Quantal Mech Beast[edit]

Rank Attribute Super Quantal Mech Beast Origin Detach effect Corresponding Super Quantum
3 WATER Grampulse AquaDolphin Destroys a targeted Spell/Trap Card on the field. Blue Layer
4 WIND Aeroboros Starbeast Gingalcon / Condor Galactabeast Changes a targeted monster on the field to face-down Defense Position. Green Layer
5 FIRE Magnaliger GaoLion / Red Lion Wildzord Destroys a targeted monster on the field. Red Layer
7 LIGHT Lusterrex Negates the effects of a targeted Effect Monster on the field. White Layer


Rank/Link Rating Attribute Super Quant Origin
Rank 12 LIGHT Great Magnus Megazord
Link-3 LIGHT Blaster Magna Ultrazord

Playing style[edit]

The "Super Quant" archetype's main goal is to rapidly Xyz Summon its Xyz Monsters and then use their effects to disrupt the opponent's field and strategies, as well as attack with overwhelming force. The archetype also focuses on the use of its Main Deck monsters as an easy way to search out its resources from the Deck or recycle them from the Graveyard, enabling repetitive looping of Xyz Summons to further field advantage.

The archetype's Main Deck monsters are largely comprised of the "Super Quantum" sub-archetype, whose members each have a different Attribute and a different Level from 3 to 5. Each member also possesses two unique effects, with each member's unique effects focusing on a different location, be it the Deck, hand, or Graveyard. The first unique effect activates if the card is Normal or Special Summoned, while the second unique effect activates if the card is sent to the Graveyard, allowing it to trigger should they be attached to an Xyz Monster that left the field, or through the act of detaching them while they are currently Xyz Materials.

In particular, the unique effects of "Super Quantum Blue Layer" focus on the Deck, either through searching it for a "Super Quant" card to add to the hand or returning "Super Quant" cards from the Graveyard to it, enabling the archetype to continually cycle through its resources. The unique effects of "Super Quantum Green Layer" focus on the hand, either through Special Summoning monsters from it or letting the controller draw a card by discarding a "Super Quant" card, triggering the second unique effect of the discarded card if it is a "Super Quantum" monster. The unique effects of "Super Quantum Red Layer" focus on the Graveyard, either by adding a "Super Quant" card from the Graceyard to the hand or by Special Summoning a "Super Quant" monster from the Graveyard, allowing the controller to recoup cards that may have been discarded with the effects of "Green Layer" or "Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier". Additionally, "Red Layer" also possesses a Summoning condition that allows it to be Special Summoned if the controller controls no monsters, allowing all monsters in the sub-archetype to be easily Summoned in order to commence the archetype's combos.

"Super Quantal Fairy Alphan" helps to ease a potential disadvantage with the archetype's Main Deck monsters all being comprised of different Levels, as its first effect allows the controller to target a "Super Quant" monster they control and have the Levels of all other "Super Quant" monsters on their field change to match that of the target, allowing for a convenient way to conventionally Xyz Summon with two Xyz Materials, should the controller not wish to use, or be unable to use, the effect of "Magnacarrier" to Xyz Summon with a single Xyz Material. "Alphan" also plays a major role in initiating the archetype's ability to amass advantage, as its second effect allows the controller to Tribute it as a cost to reveal 3 "Super Quant" monsters with different names from the Deck and have the opponent randomly pick one to be Special Summoned, with the other 2 being sent to the Graveyard. This enables the controller to activate up to 3 "Super Quantum" monster effects simultaneously, enabling a rapid gain of resources for the controller.

The archetype's Xyz Monsters are largely comprised of the "Super Quantal Mech Beast" sub-archetype, which all have different Ranks and Attributes that match the Levels and Attributes of the "Super Quantum" monsters. The "Super Quantal Mech Beast" monsters also possess a few threads of commonality, first of which is an inability to attack if no Xyz Materials are attached to them. They also possess a unique detaching effect that focuses on field disruption, which can also be activated on the opponent's turn if the "Super Quantum" monster with a matching Level and the same Attribute is attached to the Xyz Monster. Finally, they all have a common effect whereby the controller can attach a "Super Quantum" monster from their hand or field to the Xyz Monster, allowing for easy replenishment of Xyz Materials should the monsters be Special Summoned in a manner other than by Xyz Summon, and providing and another avenue by which to use the Graveyard activating effects of the "Super Quantum" monsters.

The archetype's boss monster, "Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus", supports the "Super Quantal Mech Beast" archetype by allowing the controller the ability to Special Summon 3 monsters with different names of that archetype from their Graveyard should "Great Magnus" itself be sent to the Graveyard. "Great Magnus" also has a series of effects that are applied based on the number of Xyz Materials with different names that are attached to it, all of which are designed to obstruct the opponent in a vein similar to the unique effects of the "Super Quantal Mech Beast" monsters. If it has 2 or more, it can detach an Xyz Material as a cost to shuffle a card on the field into the Deck. Having 4 or more renders "Great Magnus" unaffected by card effects that are not "Super Quant" effects. Finally, if "Great Magnus" has 6 or more such Xyz Materials, it prohibits the opponent from adding cards from their Deck to their hand via card effects.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards

Official Deck[edit]

Official Super Quant Deck[2]


  • Lose 1 Turn will slow down your opponent, much like most decks involving Special Summons.


  • Each "Super Quantal Mech Beast" monster has 400 more ATK and 400 less DEF than the monster 1 Rank lower than it. As a result, each one has a combined ATK and DEF of 4600. A similar pattern can be found in the "Super Quantum" monsters, each of which has 400 more ATK and 600 less DEF than the monster 1 Level lower than it.


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