Sweets Kakoko

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Sweets Kakoko
Sweets Kakoko
  • Sweets Kakoko
RōmajiSuītsu Kakoko
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationOtes' faction
  • Duelist
DeckEARTH Pyro
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 04141: "I'll Yameruler the Sogetsu Style"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
Kakoko, Sweets

Sweets Kakoko (スイーツ Suītsu Kakoko) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and a minor antagonist. She resembles Celestia Noodlina and Finger Chikako, and claims to have come from an ancient civilization, though she works as an announcer for Goha Enterprises during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, and though she claims she also reports to Goha 66, her true master is Otes.



Full-body view of Kakoko.

Kakoko closely resembles her counterparts; she is also a petite young girl with a very pale yellowish complexion, blond hair, and aqua eyes with blue pupils and yellow diamond-shaped highlights. Her hairstyle retains Celestia and Chikako's flying saucer "ring", but her clothes are themed around a dogū; she has a sphere shaped like the head of a dogū attached to her forehead. She wears a brown dress shaped like a dogū, and also wears light grey long gloves and boots with brown spheres shaped dotted with open-mouthed faces that are attached to the toes and fingers.

Like Celestia and Chikako, Kakoko can compress within her dress and fly away.


Similar to Celestia and Chikako, Kakoko is cheerful and chirpy at all times and encouraging to the participants in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. She claims to be from an ancient civilization and refers to other people as "modern", and often adds the word "kako" to the end of her sentences.


Team Battle Royal[edit]

Kakoko appeared on videoscreens across Goha City, introducing herself to the citizens and announcing that Goha Enterprises would be holding a Rush Duel Tournament.[1] Over the coming days she explained the rules of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal to the citizens of Goha City through advertisements and at Goha Stadium for the registration.[2][3]

Kakoko served as the announcer for the opening ceremonies of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, leading the crowd in a chant of "Goha Rush" and claiming that Goha City was sending a message to the rest of the world. After the Goha President's opening speech, Kakoko tried to announce the start of the tournament, but she was interrupted by Roa Kassidy, Tyler Getz and Toombs, the former of whom challenged the President to a Rush Duel. Kakoko presided over the Duel, which Roa eventually won, acknowledging that it was a shame that the President had lost, but that it was still a great Duel.[4]

Kakoko covered the first day of the tournament, explaining the rules to the viewers and noting the current top two teams; Team Lukeking Lukekings and Team YugaNail with R; the latter leading the tournament at the end of the first day. On the second day of the tournament, Kakoko was assigned to guard the route to Maximum Mountain by Goha 66, and she built a Stonehenge out of baking on the route there. Luke, Romin Kassidy, Gavin Sogetsu, Saburamen, Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki eventually arrived, and as Luke and Romin gorged themselves on Kakoko's baking, she revealed herself to the remainder of the group. Saburamen asked her to say "beep-boop-ba-beep-boop", believing her to be Celestia Noodlina, though Kakoko denied being either Celestia or Finger Chikako, breaking Saburamen's heart. She explained that Goha 66 had ordered her to prevent them from passing and challenged them to a Duel, and though Gavin and Sushiko were eager to challenge her, Nick took up the challenge instead to pay Kakoko back for breaking Saburamen's heart. Kakoko was surprised by Nick's fiery start, but nevertheless swiftly assembled three high-Level monsters and increased their ATK to destroy all of Nick's and drastically reduce his LP, though she apologized for being so rough on him. On his next turn, Nick changed all of Kakoko's monsters to FIRE monsters and increased their ATK, confusing her with the kind gesture, though Nick claimed that kindness could also be a sin and brought out "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", allowing him to destroy all of her now-powerful monsters and defeat her. After the Duel, Kakoko lamented her loss, though Nick told her she had made him understand the appeal of sweets and asked her to grill meat with him. Kakoko accepted his offer, but had to return to the past and she told Nick that she would never forget him before bidding him farewell.[5]

King of Duels[edit]

Kakoko was present with Celestia Noodlina, Finger Chikako, Flash Umiko and Konvoy Sagawa at the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village when Hire Yureko brought Yuga Goha to them. They strapped him to a cross and introduced themselves, Yureko telling Yuga where he was. Otes then arrived to send a video message to Yuga Ohdo while informing Yuga Goha of his plans to destroy Dueling; Kakoko held the boom mike for the filming.[6]

Kakoko and her counterparts joined Otes in the Otes Robot, waiting beyond the lunar horizon for Yuga Ohdo and his friends to arrive and attempt to stop the lunar Drones from overloading the Goha Duel Server. They acted to throw meteors at the kids' shuttle, but after the second the shuttle vanished. To their shock, the kids had commandeered the Super Rush Robot so Yuga could Rush Duel Otes.[7]


Kakoko plays an EARTH Pyro Deck, which is composed of monsters based on dogu and sweets. She uses a fairly straightforward beatdown strategy, Summoning multiple high-Level monsters and increasing their ATK to overpower her opponent.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Nick Yagi 46 Lose


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  1. The second copy of this card is sent from the Deck to the Graveyard by the effect of the first in episode 46.