Swords of Revealing Light (ROD)

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Swords of Revealing Light
Hikari no Gofūken
Protective Seal Swords of Light
Card type Magic
Number 348
Deck Cost 300

A spell that reveals all the foe's monsters over three turns.
The opposing monsters are prevented from attacking over that time.

Password 72302403
Status Limited

Obtained by

"Swords of Revealing Light" can be purchased in the shop.

  • When the player wins a Duel, a number of cards are added to the shop. Each has an intended probability of 48/30,000 of being this card. But due to a bias in the random number generation, it is actually a probability of 96/65,536.
  • When the player enters this card's password (72302403), it appears in the shop.

"Swords of Revealing Light" can be obtained via ante from the following pools. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048. This list might be incomplete until all opponents have been documented on this site.

# Pool % 2048th
Duel Computer (Expert)2.5953
Marik Ishtar3.5673
Yami Marik5.91121
Yami Yugi4.3589

Opponents' Decks

The following characters use "Swords of Revealing Light" in their Deck. This list might be incomplete until all opponents have been documented on this site.

# Character Qty
101 Archaeologist (rematch)2
100 Bonz (Spirit Card Duel)2
148 Bonz (post-Spirit Card Duel)2
113 Spirit Bonz1
Duel Computer (Expert)1
Marik Ishtar3
119 Mind-Controlled Mokuba3
Seto Kaiba2
Seto Kaiba (Hall of Eternity)3
161 Mimic of Doom (rematch)3
Maximillion Pegasus3
Maximillion Pegasus (Hall of Eternity)3
102 Rex Raptor (Spirit Card Duel)2
149 Rex Raptor (Post Spirit Card Duel)2
114 Spirit Rex1
Reshef the Dark Being3
Mako Tsunami2
Mako Tsunami2
Mako Tsunami1
138 Mind-Controlled Joey3
Yami Bakura3
Yami Marik3
Yami Yugi3


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