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"Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying"
  • そうけん
  • 相剣 (base)
  • そうけん (ruby)
  • Sōken (romanized)
  • Xiangjian (translated)
  • Âmépée
  • Schwertseele
  • Spadanima
  • 상검
  • 相剣 (Hanja)
  • Sanggeom (romanized)
  • Espadalma
  • Almaespada

"Swordsoul" (そうけん Sōken, "Xiangjian") is an archetype of mostly Wyrm monsters introduced in Dawn of Majesty, although the majority of the members and the first support were released in Burst of Destiny.


The Japanese name for the archetype is a Chinese word, Xiàngjiàn (Simplified Chinese: 相剑; Traditional Chinese: 相劍), referring to a sword quality inspector profession in ancient Imperial China, Xiàngjiànshī (Simplified Chinese: 相剑师; Traditional Chinese: 相劍師). The titles in the Japanese names of "Swordsoul of Mo Ye", "Swordsoul of Taia", and "The Iris Swordsoul", Sōkenshi (Japanese: 相剣師), is the Japanese reading for Xiàngjiànshī.

The individual monsters are named after legendary Chinese swords.


With the exception of "The Iris Swordsoul", "Swordsoul Auspice Chunjun" and "Unlikely Swordsoul Allies", the "Swordsoul" monsters all appear to be armored humanoid beings with draconic traits, wielding blades that looks like a mixture of Chinese and Western swords. Their blades are forged from the crystals of the "Icejade", a tribe whom they share a friendly relationship with.

Swordsoul Chinese sword
Chengying Chéng Yǐng Jiàn (承影劍)
Chixiao Chì Xiāo Jiàn (赤霄劍)
Chunjun Chún Jūn (純鈞)
Longyuan Qī Xīng Lóng Yuān (七星龍淵)
Qixing Longyuan
Mo Ye Mò Yé (莫邪)
Taia Tài Ē (泰阿)
The Iris Swordsoul N/A
Unlikely Swordsoul Allies Xuān Yuán Jiàn (軒轅劍)

Playing style[edit]

The "Swordsoul" archetype is focused on Synchro Summoning. Instead of having archetypal Tuner monsters, most "Swordsoul" cards have effects that Special Summon a Level 4 "Swordsoul Token" Tuner monster, which greatly increases the Deck's consistency compared to other Synchro Decks as there is no longer a need to search for Tuners. All the effects that Special Summon the "Swordsoul Token" apply the restriction that the player cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck except Synchro Monsters while the Token is on the field, in order to prevent abuse with other Extra Deck Summoning methods "climbing".

The archetype has a secondary focus on banishing cards. Several "Swordsoul" cards have effects that require banishing Wyrm monsters or "Swordsoul" cards from the GY as a cost, while other "Swordsoul" monsters banish the opponent's cards as a part of their effects. Synergizing with the former, the "Swordsoul" Spell/Trap Cards have effects that activate when banished; the Spells can modulate Levels, while the Traps can Special Summon a "Swordsoul Token".

Because most "Swordsoul" cards need other Wyrm monsters or "Swordsoul" cards as costs to activate their effects, the archetype is best played pure or with other Wyrm monsters.

"Swordsoul" has good synergy with the "Tenyi" archetype, as both archetypes are Wyrm-based, supports Synchro Summoning, and the "Swordsoul Token" non-Effect Monster can enable the "Tenyi" Main Deck monsters' effects. The archetype also has situational synergies with the "Metaphys" archetype due to its focus on banishing, though "Metaphys" does not provide much to the "Swordsoul" Synchro-focused strategy due to the slow speed of the "Metaphys" playstyle.

Recommended cards[edit]