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Syrus Truesdale
Syrus Truesdale
English name
  • Syrus Truesdale
Japanese translatedSho Marufuji
Japanese name
Japanese丸藤まるふじ しょう
Base丸藤 翔
Furiganaまるふじ しょう
RōmajiMarufuji Shō
  • Male
Zane Truesdale (older brother)
SchoolDuel Academy
Tag Force
  • Heart of Gold
  • Flying Discus
  • Together
  • Machinery
  • The Same Way
  • Salutation from the Abyss
Tag Force 2
  • Me and my Roids
  • Awesome Roids
  • A Single Roid
  • Tandem Bicycle
  • Two-Seater
  • Riding Together
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force
Appears in
PlayStation 2Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution
Japanese voice
Truesdale, Syrus

Syrus Truesdale, known as Sho Marufuji (丸藤まるふじ しょう, Marufuji Shō) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force video game series. This is a video game depiction of Syrus Truesdale, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Syrus is a Tier 1 character in every GX-era game.

Tag Force[edit]

If Syrus is not the player's partner for the Tag Force tournament, he will partner with his brother Zane for Part 2. During Part 3, he is brainwashed by the Shadow Riders and is Abidos the Third's partner.

Tag Force 2[edit]

Syrus is Dueled alongside Tyranno in the first event for Tier 2 and Tier 3 characters.

Tag Force 3[edit]

Syrus in Tag Force 3'.

Syrus has three stories in this game: one for each dorm. The stories for Slifer Red and Ra Yellow are completely identical, except for his Partner Deck, and are both unlocked by finishing his Obelisk Blue storyline.


Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
  • Lobster
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Steak
  • Cream
  • Ham
  • Dried Mackerel
  • Sweet Bean Paste
  • Cheese
  • Caviar
  • Hamburger
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Croquette
  • Normal Egg
  • Jam
  • Fried Noodle
  • Truffle
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Sausage
  • Foie Gras
  • Chocolate
  • Cook's Sandwich
  • Melon
  • Goya
  • Fermented Cheese
  • Soba Noodle
  • Pineapple
  • Tomato
  • Top-Grade Salad
  • Tofu
  • Tangerine
  • Garlic
  • Gyoza
  • Carrot
  • Durian
  • Ramen Noodle
  • Fermented Soybean
  • Rice Ball
  • Lettuce
  • Grape
  • Plain
  • Dried Sardine
  • Hot Pepper
  • Phantom Pepper
  • Spicy Fish Egg
  • Spicy Curry
  • Kimchi
  • None



Tag Force[edit]

Syrus admires Jaden a great deal, and looks up to him as an older brother.
But he also has a real older brother, so he tends to have different nicknames for each of them.

He has respect for, but also feels a little inferior around strong, dependable people. Someday he wants to be as great as Jaden.

Syrus doesn't have much confidence in his own abilities, which seems to be cause of his constant negative outlook on life.
But on the other hand, he can often be very critical of other people.

He used to have a negative, half-hearted approach when playing in duels, always telling himself he can't win. But since he met Jaden, his negative outlook is gradually changing into a more positive one.

Syrus loves all kinds of vehicles, and uses a Deck full of "Vehicroid" cards - "Vehicroid" being a type of vehicle.
Although they seem cute and harmless, they are actually quite strong.

He can easily fall head over heels for a pretty girl, but none of his crushes have ever materialized into an actual relationship at this point in his life.

Syrus's favorite food is served once a month in the Slifer Red cafeteria.
But he can't handle spicy food very well.

Tag Force 2[edit]

A third year student in Duel Academy's Ra Yellow Dorm.
Syrus gives up the chance once to move up to Obelisk Blue, because he decides it's better for him to stay in Ra Yellow.

He thinks of Jaden as a big brother, and they do just about everything together.
Syrus still seems a bit helpless at times, but he's improving immensely. His thinking is not as negative as before thanks to some of Jaden's tremendous positive attitude rubbing off on him.
Idolizing Jaden as always, he develops an ongoing rivalry with Tyranno Hassleberry over who should be Jaden's best friend.
The two of them often fight over Jaden, but when the going gets rough, they're still able to work well together. During a field trip, they tag duel and combine their monsters together in order to summon a very powerful Fusion Monster.

Syrus uses a "Vehicroid Deck" which is based on vehicles - something he likes very much.
He duels with respect, just like his older brother Zane, whom he respects very much. Zane later undergoes a terrible transformation, and this greatly troubles Syrus who badly wants his brother to return to his normal self.

When it comes to girls, Syrus tends to fall in love very easily.
On top of that, he cares quite a lot about looks, making things even more difficult for himself.

His favorite food is fried shrimp and he really can't handle spicy food.

When something really big happens, he changes his glasses. Though hardly anyone else notices this.


Tag Force[edit]







A friend of Judai who looks up to him like a younger brother would.
He also happens to have an actual older brother, so he refers to Judai as "aniki" and calls his brother "onii-san".
He has a bit of a complex concerning reliable and strong people, looking up to them but also feeling inferior around them, and hopes he can be as great as Judai someday.

Has very little self-confidence, which seems to be the reason behind his pessimistic outlook on everything.
But, he can also be very scathing and critical of other people.

He used to duel reluctantly and half-heartedly, always telling himself he would lose anyway, but his way of thinking is becoming less negative since he met Judai.

He loves all kinds of vehicles, and the "Vehicroid" Decks he uses feature a large variety of them.
They are cute, but their strength should not be underestimated.

Falls in love easily, and is smitten by cute girls, but he has not tried to go for a serious relationship so far.

His favorite food is served once a month in the Osiris Red dormitory.
However, he dislikes spicy food.

Tag Force 2[edit]







A third year Ra Yellow student at Duel Academy.
He was offered the chance to move up to Obelisk Blue, but went back to Ra Yellow out of his own volition.

He looks up to Judai, whom he calls "aniki", and they spend most of their time together.
Judai's energetic personality seems to be rubbing on him, as he has become less negative and more self-confident. He can still be helpless at times, but he has improved considerably.
Idolizing Judai as per usual, he found himself a rival in Tyranno Kenzan, and they often argue about who should be closest to Judai.
That said, they could combine their monsters to summon a curious Fusion Monster during a Tag Duel in a school trip, showing they can work together if the situation demands it.

He uses "Vehicroid" Decks, as he loves the vehicles their cards use as their motif.
Trying to follow in the footsteps of his beloved older brother, he is trying to become a duelist who duels with respect towards his opponents. His brother's recent change in personality has his deeply worried, and wants him to return to his former self somehow.

He still seems to not take relationships with girls too seriously, and still falls in love easily.
He also cares a lot about looks, making things harder for himself.

His favorite food is fried shrimp, but cannot stand spicy food.

He is quick to change his glasses when something dramatic happens, but most people do not notice the difference.

Tag Force Special[edit]




しかし、前向まえむぎる十代じゅうだい影響えいきょうけてネガティブ思考しこうっていき、たよりなさはのこるもののすこしずつ成長せいちょう。 その結果けっかねんにはラー・イエローへと昇格しょうかくさらにオベリスク・ブルーへと昇格しょうかくもするが、 みずからをきたなおため自分じぶん意思いしふたたびラー・イエローへ。

使つかうデッキはかれきなものをモチーフとした「ビークロイド」デッキ。 尊敬そんけいするあに遺志いしいでリスペクトデュエルをこころがけている。


An Osiris Red student.

He looks up to Judai Yuki and calls him "aniki", and they spend most of their time together.

Despite being Ryo Marufuji's younger sibling, his subdued and negative-thinking personality contrasts with that of his older brother. Usually timid, but he gets easily carried away when on a roll, and frequently messes up when he gets overconfident.

That said, Judai's overwhelmingly proactive personality has rubbed onto him, and he began to shed his depressive personality little by little. While he is still somewhat unreliable, he has already developed considerably. As a result, he was promoted to Ra Yellow during his second year. In fact, he was promoted all the way to Obelisk Blue, but decided to remain in Ra Yellow until he could improve himself further.

He uses "Vehicroid" Decks, as he loves the vehicles their cards use as their motif. Trying to follow in the footsteps of his beloved older brother, he is trying to become a duelist who duels with respect towards his opponents.

He has found himself a rival for Judai's attention in Tyranno Kenzan.

Ending scenes[edit]


Tag Force[edit]

During the first half of Part 1, Syrus use a Deck titled "Heart of Gold" (めばえたこころ Mebaeta Kokoro).

During the second half of Part 1, Syrus uses a Deck titled "Flying Discus" (そらとぶえんばん Soratobu Enban).

In Part 2, during the Tag Force Tournament, Syrus uses a Deck, titled "Together" (きみとともに Kimi to Tomo ni), when partnered with the player.

In Part 2, during the Tag Force Tournament finals, and in Part 3, when brainwashed by the Shadow Riders, Syrus uses a Deck titled "The Same Way" (おなじきもちで Onaji kimochi de).

The player can unlock this Deck Recipe for Syrus, titled "Machinery" (はたらくきかい Hataraku Kikai), by finishing Part 3 with Syrus as their partner.

The player can unlock this Deck Recipe for Syrus, titled "Salutation from the Abyss" (深海からこんにちは Shinkai Kara Kon'nichiwa), by finishing Part 3 with Syrus as their partner.

Tag Force 2[edit]

  • Syrus uses this Deck when your Partner has less than 4 filled hearts.

  • Syrus uses this Deck when your Partner has 4 or more filled hearts.

  • Syrus uses this Deck if your Deck has any Forbidden cards.

  • Syrus uses this Deck during Alexis' seventh story event.

  • Syrus uses this Deck during Blair's sixth story event.

  • Syrus uses this Deck during the first event for Tier 2 and Tier 3 characters.

Tag Force 3[edit]

Obelisk Blue Syrus[edit]

Ra Yellow Syrus[edit]

Slifer Red Syrus[edit]

If the player is using Forbidden cards[edit]

Tag Force Special[edit]