T. Tristan Grey

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T. Tristan Grey
T. Tristan Grey
English name
  • T. Tristan Grey
  • Male
HouseRed Roses
Deck LeaderKarbonala Warrior
Deck Cost1149
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses
Appears in
PlayStation 2Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses
Grey, T. Tristan

T. Tristan Grey is the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses incarnation of Tristan Taylor and portrayal of Thomas Grey. He is a member of the Red Roses of Lancaster.

If the player choses to side with the White Roses, they face Grey at London after defeating Tea. After defeating him, the player can go to Canterbury to face Margaret Mai Beaufort

Players can obtain the card Novox's Prayer while playing against T. Tristan Grey.


He focuses on brute force; he deploys his monsters to the line of terrain that they are most favorable to. The Player's best chance is to pick a terrain area and monsters unaffected negatively or at all.