Tag Duel Tournament

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Tag Duel Tournament
Tag Duel Tournament
EnglishTag Duel Tournament
RōmajiTaggu Dyueru Tōnamento

Tag Duel Tournament is an event type in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Tag Duel mechanics[edit]

Tag Duels in this type of event play with the following rules:

  • Each team begins the Duel with 6000 Life Points.
  • Players on the same team share the same field and Life Points but have separate hands, Decks, Extra Decks, and Skills.
    • Players have knowledge of any face-down cards on their side of the field regardless of their owner.
    • Automatically activated Skills activate when they meet their activation conditions regardless of which player of the team is currently active.
  • The Battle Phase cannot be conducted on Turn 1, but can be on subsequent turns.
  • Players and teams alternate turns; Player 1 of Team A moves, then Player 1 of Team B, then Player 2 of Team A, then Player 2 of Team B, then back to Player 1 of Team A, etc.
  • During a team's turn, on the opposing team the last player to take their turn is the active player (so they are the player that handles the activation of cards and effects during that turn). During Turn 1, the player of the opposing team who will not move until Turn 4 is the active player.
    • The human player will move on Turn 1 if their team goes first, or on Turn 2 if their team goes second.

Event Flow[edit]

These events are divided in Cups (or Difficulties, in the first version). Each cup contains several Tag Teams that must be defeated in order to complete that cup. Each cup must be cleared before moving to the next, and completed cups can be replayed at any time.

Each cup assigns a Tag partner to the player. After that cup is cleared, the player is allowed to choose other partners from the current and previous Tag Duel Tournaments.

By defeating opponent, the player is awarded with coins that can be used in the event's Lottery to earn items. Normal drops such as Treasure Boxes and card packs are not awarded when dueling against opponent from these events.


 Start dateEnd date
Tag Duel Tournament I24 January 20185 February 2018
Tag Duel Tournament II11 June 201819 June 2018
Tag Duel Tournament III8 January 201918 January 2019
Tag Duel Tournament IV7 May 201916 May 2019
Tag Duel Tournament V16 August 201927 August 2019
Tag Duel Tournament VI25 November 20192 December 2019
Tag Duel Tournament VII16 January 202026 January 2020
Tag Duel Tournament VIII13 April 202020 April 2020
Tag Duel Tournament IX20 August 202027 August 2020
Tag Duel Tournament X5 November 202010 November 2020
Tag Duel Tournament XI19 January 202124 January 2021
Tag Duel Tournament XII19 April 202127 April 2021
Tag Duel Tournament XIII29 October 20213 November 2021
Tag Duel Tournament XV13 June 202221 June 2022