Tahayasty Restaurant

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The Tahayasty Restaurant.

The Tahayasty Restaurant (うましょくどう Umai Shokudō) is a restaurant in Goha City in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. Although famed for its tasty ramen, it fell on hard times due to competition from the A.I. Restaurant that had recently opened.


Yuga, Romin, Gakuto and Kaizo arrive at the restaurant.

The Tahayasty Restaurant enjoyed relative success in Goha City due to its tasty ramen and extensive menu, including curry rice and salads in addition to ramen. When the A.I. Restaurant opened, the Tahayasty Restaurant was out-competed and advertised that it was closing. The shopkeeper waited miserably in his store on the final day of opening to make one last bowl of ramen, and was eventually visited by Yuga Ohdo, Romin Kirishima, Gakuto Sogetsu and Kaizo. The last bowl was eventually ordered by Menzaburo Oomori, who was unaware of the restaurant's impending closure and had simply visited as he had heard the ramen was tasty, and he Rush Dueled Yuga for the bowl. As the shopkeeper made the ramen, he watched the Rush Duel and was inspired to keep his business going.

Many people trying out the new "Rush Ramen".

After the Duel, Menzaburo told his gourmet friends Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki about the restaurant, which began branding its ramen as "Rush Ramen", and their subsequent word-of-mouth spreading attracted more customers, resulting in Kaizo being used to assist the shopkeeper.[1] Kan Hakubutsu, Kaseki Hotta, and Hunt Goto visited the restaurant during their search for Gossie, Kan dubbing it a "wonderful Jurassic", and they met Yuga and his friends outside, who had been guided their by Kaizo's "longing" detector.[2] Luke later visited the Restaurant and had three bowls of ramen in a single sitting.[3]


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