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Is this is the only spell-counter monster that doesn't get more from activating spells? -Zeek 21:52, 29 March 2008 (UTC)

Why did this card get banned, he isn't even broken.

I do knot know if it is the only card that doesn't get more spell counters from using spell cards, but you can add spell counters to it via "Pitch-Black Power Stone." As for why it's banned, I also don't know. If someone does know, could you please post here and let us know why it is a banned card? Animedude3000 00:45, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

  • Easy to summon, high ATK, can destroy a Spell or Trap. Dmaster (Contribs Count) 00:55, 28 June 2008 (UTC)


It is no longer banned! 1. It is easily summoned, 2. It can have the attack force of a Vorse Raider, 3. It can destroy a spell or trap, 4. It has no weakness, No wonder people love it!

lets say i have Breaker on the field and i attack my opponent directly and he activates mirror force, then can i use his counter to destroy mirror force so the attack can go through? Dueler101-- 23:22, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

Breaker's effect ain't prior when he attacking, but it is prior when he is SUMMONED. So he can shoot when he got BTH. --FredCat100 23:24, November 27, 2009 (UTC)
Breaker's effect only destroys a card, it does not negate its effect. --Blue (Talk) 23:26, November 27, 2009 (UTC)
Indeed, Blue boy... It can be work when there's other hidden or continuous cards (Like Gravity Bind/Level Limit, etc) to be get rid of when Breaker got fallen by those silly traps. --FredCat100 23:31, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

Name translation[edit]

I might be hearing it wrong, but I thought I heard Yugi call this card "Battle Mage Breaker." If so, this can be a case where kanji represents an English word and is not to be taken literally. 18:40, January 2, 2010 (UTC)