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I don't think it's practical to try and keep the Monster Card and Trap Card on the same page. I think we need to split this page into "Dragon Capture Jar (anime Monster Card)" and "Dragon Capture Jar (anime)" (covering the Trap Card).

Normally, when a card has text that differs from how it is used (especially in DM where this is common), we still only have a single page, but note the differences in a lore_note. However, because in this case it functions as both a monster and a Trap Card, I don't think that's practical here, and we need to separate its appearances as a Monster Card to a new page, even though in the episode it appeared as a monster it used a Trap Card frame (and is actually the source of the current article image).

  • In Episode 2, it is played as a Trap. Pegasus Sets it in his Spell & Trap Zone, activates it during Yugi's turn, and then it remains visible in his Spell & Trap Zone for the rest of the Duel.
  • In Episode 27, it is played as a monster. While the card itself has the appearance of a Trap Card, it is played exclusively as a monster in this episode. Pegasus even summons it from his hand, without Setting it first.
    • In Episode 149, the monster appears in a flashback to this episode.
  • In Legendary Heroes, it is used as a Trap. In Episode 43 and 45, it is used as a weapon to capture "Blue-Eyes", but in Episode 45 Kaiba destroys it with the effect of "Trap Master" (so it must be a Trap Card).
  • In Episode 108, it appears in a flashback as a Trap Card in a pool of cards Kaiba is using to represent shares of a company.

My proposal is to keep the Episode 27 appearance on the Trap Card's page too (since it actually appeared as a physical Trap Card even though it was used exclusively as a monster), but also note the monster's appearance in Episode 27 as a separate version of the card (with no card image).

I think it does still make sense to keep the 5D's appearance separate though (as it currently is), since the anime effect of "Dragon Capture Jar" as a Trap Card doesn't match the OCG effect anyway—and technically the very first OCG text (used by "Dragon Capture Jar" in DM) is functionally different to later errata (like the one used in 5D's) anyway. --SnorlaxMonster 16:05, 14 June 2022 (UTC)