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Could an authorized user or administrator add Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk to the list since it appears on this booster set as well. --DracoX (talkcontribs) 04:34, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

  • And can someone please add it to the list and not take it off again? It is confirmed along with the three Machine Imperial Soldiers to be in Extreme Victory! SebastiaanZ

The Machine Imperial Soldiers and Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk have been removed from the list. How I hate stuborn people! Snetonobre (talkcontribs) 00:34, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

-is it possible that junk berserker is bs, and it's just a cover-up for life stream dragon, since it would make more sense to have it as a covercard? nomnomz 21:21, january 14, 2011, (GMT)

I agree with "user:nomnomz" because Power Tool Dragon is a "cover card" in Raging Battle so this monster should be a cover card for Extreme Victory.--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 19:48, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

Why isn't Life Stream Dragon in the pack yet I mean doesn't it have to come out if this is the last 5ds pack? IrishMorphtronicGXG (talkcontribs) 02:23, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

Because no source has listed it as being in the set yet. As unlikely as it may be that Konami won't release it in this set, it is still a distinct possibility - they may instead release it as a promo or something. ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 03:26, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

Hey who found the confirmation on LSD I want to thank them I so wanted this card and were did they get the confirmation IrishMorphtronicGXG (talkcontribs) 04:51, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

Dark-Shimy was the one who posted the source; personally, I'm wondering what that card to its right is - we only have two level 4 EARTH monsters with 1200 ATK and 400 DEF in the wiki, and that is definitely not either of them (it looks sort of like it could be a Shien or Six Samurai card though). ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 07:25, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

=( They didn't use Life Stream Dragon for the cover card. Just ruins like the whole 5D's boosters dragon cover cards theme!

Card raritiy[edit]

Please make some cards easier to get, since some people might not be able to get the cards they want, like the tuner synchro monster,tg wonder magician,and add more accel synchro monsters.

We don't have any control over what rarity the cards are. We don't have anything to do with their design or manufacturing; we're just a fan site (we may be a community-run site, and the largest wiki on Wikia by traffic without our own domain, but we're still a fan site). ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 01:57, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Sure, just let me get my automatic card making machine from the card making storage! Why do little kids play this game when it's overly complicated?! Master D (talkcontribs) 21:25, January 30, 2011 (UTC)


{I found another names for "[[Impregnable Machine Imperial Soldiers" " } it's this: {"[[Iron Wall of the Mechanized Soldiers]]" " } which one should be kept? I don't know how to create a reference.--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 19:42, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

Neither; ultimately, we use an in-house translation based on other card names with official English translations (at least, this is the conclusion I've drawn based on other cards with unofficial English names and various discussion I've read). ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 20:28, January 18, 2011 (UTC)
"☎ Dinoguy1000" what's an "in-house translation?" I got that Info from the two site above your reply. I never know two site would've 2 different names for one card "{}" is 1st▲ and "{}" is 2nd▼.--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 23:17, January 18, 2011 (UTC)
Forgot to mention they kept the 1st one and those cards are from "Extreme Victory" pack
An "in-house translation" just means it's a translation we do ourselves, as opposed to using someone else's translation. The reason the sites have different names for this card is because there isn't an official English translation of its name yet (at least, not one that's been announced), so everyone either has to come up with their own translation, or use someone else's. ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 02:24, January 19, 2011 (UTC)
I get it I think. I already edited those cards, can you check them?--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 02:28, January 19, 2011 (UTC)
It looks good, keeping in mind that I don't actually do much with card pages, so I still don't really know what parameters or info should be added beyond looking at other pages for comparison. ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 02:51, January 19, 2011 (UTC)
Atleast U No more than me. I don't even know how to adjust sizes, change colors, etc; I have to use ....wikia code to do it for me.--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 03
04, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

tcg machine emperors?[edit]

Since machinecle and asterisk still reference the machine emperors, what are the chances the tcg gets the machine emperors? NOT FrogtheJam (talkcontribs) 06:05, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

good quest... but I think they will change the whole name.--Wasn't 13
04, February 2, 2011 (UTC)
looks like I was part rite. they call "machine emperors" "Meklord Emperor..." and "Machine Imperial Soldier" are "Meklord Army of..."--Wasn't 04:52, February 15, 2011 (UTC),

Which has the more accurate translation?[edit]

shriek or ygo-cafe?
ygo-cafe, for example, has ones like Psychic Reactor which is almost definitely more correct than shriek's Psycho Reactor
whereas shriek, for example, has ones like Safety Zone which would probably be more correct than ygo-cafe's Safe Zone
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 09:24, February 9, 2011 (UTC)
"Psycho" is accurate translation. The card name is "サイコ・リアクター" reads (Saiko Riakutā) in Romaji. But due to the fact that all cards that have the translated name as "Psycho" in OCG will have their name change to "Psychic" in TCG, I think we can use "Psychic Reactor" here.
For me, shriek is the most reliable source of information and translation over unofficial sites on the Internet. Blackwings0605 (talk) 13:33, February 9, 2011 (UTC)
I just made " " as a reference site for Extreme Victory and Generation Force. It's a nice site and the images are more clear, but it follows the "Dub", TCG, English name not...U No.--Wasn't 18:30, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

Extreme Victory's Release In TCG[edit]

When is extreme victory gonna be released in tcg? ◄(unsigned)

I think around 5/10/11. Check this site" --Wasn't 20:07, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

10 May [1] JT (talkcontribs) 20:00, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

TCG Confirmations[edit]

Machine Emperor -> Meklord

Tech Genus -> T.G.

Wisel, Skiel, and Grannel are OCG Imports

Neos Knight, Scrap Orthos, and Blue Rose Dragon are OCG Imports

Tech Genus Hyper Librarian NOT an OCG Import

New Gladiator Beast Fusion TCG-Exclusive

New Psychic TCG-Exclusives

Reborn Tengu and Tour Guide from the Underworld are TCG-Exclusives

All of this straight from the horse's mouth. —This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs)

The GB name should be 'Gladiator Beast Essedari'; the rest of the card names are readable. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 01:58, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

More Info

  "Extreme Victory

Product Title: Extreme Victory Product Type: Booster Pack Set Size: 100 Launch Date: 5/10/11 Konami Tournament Legal Date: 5/10/11 A High-Tech War over Synchro Monsters!

For 3 years, Synchro Monsters have dominated the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Now they’ve reached their ultimate evolution. But something – or someone – has been waiting for them. It’s time for a showdown between the ultimate Synchro Monsters and the ultimate Synchro-Destroyers!

Tech Genus – The Top Tech!

Extreme Victory takes Synchro Monsters to their ultimate extreme, with the new T.G. (Tech Genus) monsters.  T.G. Decks are specially designed to crank out Synchro Monsters at a fast and furious pace. And they can do it over and over and over again.

T.G. Decks have super flexibility. When most T.G. monsters get destroyed, they let you add another T.G. monster to your hand, or Special Summon one from the Graveyard. This lets you upgrade your field set-up every turn, by getting exactly the monsters you need to do the Synchro Summons you want.

Extreme Victory comes with 11 T.G. monsters, including 5 T.G. Synchros. And T.G. Synchros are some of the biggest and baddest monsters around. 

T.G. Wonder Magician

Tuner that Synchro Summons during opponent’s turn Destroys Spells/Traps

T.G. Blade Blaster

Negates Spells/Traps Hides from Danger 3300 ATK

T.G. Halberd Cannon

Negates Summons Revives T.G. Synchros 4000 ATK!

T.G. Decks also have their own, special box of tricks. They have their own Spells and Traps that let you do things like Special Summon from the Graveyard, draw more cards, destroy Spells and Traps, swap monsters with your opponent, or power up your monsters by as much as 4500 ATK. But T.G. cards only work with T.G. monsters. (They don’t let just anybody use their technology!)

Meklord Menace!

So what do you do when you’re up against the perfect army of Synchro Monsters? Answer: You build the perfect army of Synchro-Destroying Machines… an army called the Meklords!

Meklords are hungry, hungry machines, led by the Meklord Emperors. They exist for one purpose: to hunt down and destroy all Synchro Monsters, once and for all!

Meklords know that Synchro Monsters have lots of abilities to destroy monsters on the field. To fight back against this, Meklord Emperors are built so you can Special Summon them from your hand whenever a Meklord is destroyed. Your opponent might think he’s winning, but suddenly your Meklord Emperor will swoop down from your hand to the field, consume your opponent’s Synchro Monster, and use its power to become even stronger!

Each Meklord Emperor also leads its own Meklord Army. And Meklord Army monsters get stronger with the more Meklords you have on the field. Safety in numbers!

Meklord Army of Granel

Gains ATK from Meklords Cuts enemy ATK in half Enables Meklord Spells/Traps

Meklord Emperor Skiel

Consumes Synchro Monsters Gains Synchro ATK Attacks Directly

Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk

Combines Meklords into one super-monster! Punishes Synchro Summons

Battle Royal

Lots of Decks are caught in the crossfire in this T.G.-Meklord war. Don’t get caught unprepared!

Extreme Victory is loaded with new cards you can add to your Deck, whether you play Nordics, Six Samurai, Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings, Plants, Scraps, Dragons, Morphtronics, Psychics, Junk monsters, or just about anything else.

It even has the new Elemental Hero Neos Knight from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time movie!  

The Next Step

Synchro Monsters are battling for their survival! And coming later this year, you’ll learn about a brand new kind of monster you can Special Summon from your Extra Deck.

Extreme Victory contains special cards to make these upcoming monsters even better! So be sure and grab cards like Psi-Beast, Reborn Tengu, and Tour Guide From the Underworld while you have the chance! 

Extreme Victory contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards 20 Rare Cards 14 Super Rare Cards 10 Ultra Rare Cards 8 Secret Rare Cards

Kokou2 00:30, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

Sneak Preview?[edit]

Will there be a sneak preview for this set? --Novafan365, master of scrap (talkcontribs) 17:14, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

What's "Sneak Preview".--Wasn't (talkcontribs) 23:48, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

It's when TCG players get a preview of the pack before its release. It comes with 5 of the new packs, plus one TCG exclusive card. --Novafan365, master of scrap (talkcontribs) 16:37, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

TCG Exclusives[edit]

Can someone with sources fill in "Reborn Tengu", "Psy-Beast", and "Tour Guide from the Underworld", or are the sources for those not releasing usable information?

NOT FrogtheJam (talkcontribs) 21:46, March 15, 2011 (UTC)


anyone know what would be the information (Effect, attack) of Psi-Beast? ȜȠɎȨȴ.Ƿɔ.ɯɨʞɨ (talkcontribs) 07:52, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Judging from some news i've heard I would assume that Psi-Beast has an effect regarding an extra summon from the hand, though this is just speculation. (talk) 21:30, April 27, 2011 (UTC)DoomedLucid

Psi-Beast removes any Psychic monster in your Deck from play and changes its Level to match. Then, when you Summon that monster back you’ll have 2 monsters on the field with the same Level! If you remove a Tuner monster from play, you can more easily Summon Synchro Monsters that require multiple non-Tuner monsters when you pull it back. Remove a Level 3 Psychic-Tuner from your Deck, then Summon it back and play another Level 3 monster and you can Summon Overmind Archfiend or Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrer. Kokou2 22:40, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

New TCG Exclusive: Full House added to card list[edit]

The strategy site's latest article is entitled "EXVC Preview: No Country for Bob Saget". The article tells about a new TCG-Exclusive Trap Card called Full House. It allows you to destroy 2 other face-up spells/traps and 3 set spells/traps. I've added a page for the new card and added it to the card list.QuartrGuy (talkcontribs) 02:48, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

Zombie Dragon[edit]

Card just got confirmed. Check the strategy site for info. Someone please add it.--bwinggale(talkcontribs) 04:50, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

EXVC Preview: Safe Summoning April 20th, 2011 Whether or not to Tribute Summon can be one of the toughest decisions to make in Dueling. Sometimes you’ll have a really good monster on the field, but you have another really good monster in your hand that has to be Tribute Summoned. The trouble is that it could be really bad if you Tribute Summoned and your Level 5 or higher monster was immediately blasted by Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force or taken down by a Synchro Monster.

If that’s ever happened to you, then you’ll definitely want to try out Vampire Dragon. It’s a Level 5 Zombie-Type monster that makes it so you don’t have to choose between the monster you have now, and a monster with more ATK. You can have both instead!

If you Tribute Summon Vampire Dragon and it later gets sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can add any Level 4 or lower monster from your Deck to your hand, which can even be another copy of the monster you Tributed. Vampire Dragon is a Zombie-Type monster, so here’s an example using Zombie monsters. You Tribute your Mezuki or Zombie Master to Tribute Summon Vampire Dragon. When you attack your opponent’s Elemental Hero Neos Alius, they use Honest to increase Alius’ ATK to beat your Vampire Dragon. Now, you get to add any Level 4 or lower monster from your Deck to your hand!

Zombie Master is a really good choice because you can use it next turn to revive another Zombie from your Graveyard. Or, you could pick Spirit Reaper to block attacks, Pyramid Turtle to set up even more Summons, or Plaguespreader Zombie to get ready for some Synchro Summons on your next turn. If you Tributed Mezuki, you can even use its effect to revive Vampire Dragon right away!

Vampire Dragon works best with other Zombies since there are really great Level 4 and lower Zombie-Type monsters, but there are a lot of great Level 4 and lower monsters out there that aren’t Zombies too. If you play a Chaos Deck, you can use Vampire Dragon as the DARK monster to Summon a Chaos Sorcerer and use your Dragon’s effect to add either Doomcaliber Knight or Thunder King Rai-Oh to your hand.

Vampire Dragon also plays really well with the card you get for joining in the Extreme Victory Sneak Peek, Reborn Tengu. You can Tribute your Reborn Tengu to Summon Vamprire Dragon and also get to Summon another Reborn Tengu from your Deck. Then, even if your opponent plays Dark Hole, you’ll get to Summon your third Reborn Tengu and add a Level 4 or lower monster from your Deck to your hand!

This is a great opportunity to grab a Tuner monster from your Deck to use with your last Tengu, and if you play Pot of Avarice, you can get even more Tengus to Summon!  Vampire Dragon is a nice, safe Level 5 monster. It has the same ATK as all of the Monarch monsters, and its effect makes sure that you never lose out when you Tribute Summon. If you see it at the Extreme Victory Sneak Peek on the weekend of April 30th/May 1st, give it a try! Kokou2 10:30, April 21.2011 (UTC)

Buster Blader...[edit]

I'm pretty sure Buster Blader's not in this set. It's where that one union monster used to be atm. (talk) 20:57, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

Missing Ones?[edit]

Not sure if the blank ones are already covered.

EXVC-EN001 Junk Servant EXVC-EN035 Jar Turtle EXVC-EN036 Aurora Paragon EXVC-EN047 Resonator Call EXVC-EN051 The Resolute Meklord Army EXVC-EN060 Soundproofed

Source is the flyer that Konami distributed.

If this is confirmed, then I'll add it. -- Aeris Ventaile (talkcontribs) 07:14, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

And Meklord Emperor Wisel?[edit]


European (French) Release[edit]

Hi. Besides the fact that our sneak previews here in paris will start next wednesday, are you aware that a lot of shops and sellers (on are saying that the official release is on the 5th of May. Will we, european players, have the chance to open packs 5 days before you guys or only we, french players? Wilimut TalkMail Paris, 15:27, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

This is what says, and Germans, Italians, and Spaniards will also be getting Extreme Victory then (Brits will be getting it the sixth). ;) ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 23:31, April 29, 2011 (UTC)


It has come to my attention that Silent Psychic Wizard is posted as a common when in actuality it is a Super Rare...—This unsigned comment was made by NFEast (talkcontribs) 22:59, 2011 April 30

Fixed, thanks for telling us. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 01:10, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

Update Picture of Pack Cover[edit]

[2] Here ya go, friends of site. --FredCat 21:06, May 14, 2011 (UTC)