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About this card and Gemini Monsters...

If I were to normal summon a gemini monster when this card is in play, the card would be removed from play by Future Vision. My question is that when the monster is returned to the field, does it count as if it were normal summoned once, or twice? Does it have it's effect?

I allso have a question. Say the removed from play monster is no longer removed from play (Burial From A Different Dimension, Fortune Future, and cards that return removed from play cards to the hand or deck). Will the monster still be Special Summoned?

To answer both of your questions:

  • I believe the Gemini monster would not retain the second summoned effect. If the Gemini monster leaves the field in any way, it automatically loses its effect and you would need to Second Summon it again to gain the effect back. It's the same as sending the monster to the grave and Monster Reborning back in the same turn.
  • I think the monster would not be Special Summoned if it went to the grave right after it was removed from play. The card says the monster is removed from play and then RETURNED to its spot on the field. How is it supposed to return back from the removed from play zone into the field if it got dumped into another area? Swaggs 23:01, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

If future vision is destroyed after a monster is sent out of play, before it returns to field, will it be returned to the field during the owner's next standby phase? i.e. if future vision is destroyed by mystic space typhoon during the opponent's turn.