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Sin World's Effect The users who keep editting in that Sin World removes or suspends the weaknesses of Sin monsters are mistaken. Based on all accounts of the movie and summaries from message boards, the Sin monsters in the film don't have any weaknesses in the movie except for the reliance on a Field Magic being in play. It is incorrect to add in fake effects to our version just to explain away the difference in anime cards and OCG cards.

For proof, summaries from the Japanese message boards were translated on Janime and can be seen at [1] which also clarifies that the card's full name is Tsumibukai Sekai - Sin World (translated in this post as Sinful World - Sin World). Hopefully this will reduce the amount of misinformation about these movie cards. -- 03:03, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

The card page as a whole is a waste at this time. Knowing the true effect is to wait until we have something more solid than a couple people's recollection vs. other's recollection. Until further evidence is present on either side, it is a waste of time to worry over such a mysterious card.