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English VA[edit]

Think I might have narrowed down who did the voice. Recently saw the episode again on Pluto and it got me thinking since his voice sounds like a real little kid, but I couldn't find any source confirming who it was. So I went back to the episode, looked at the cast list, and knocked out all of the main people. I was left with two names, one of them being the fairly prominent Kayzie Rogers who I'm fairly sure was Kenta's nurse after comparing that character's voice with a few of her other roles. Brandon Weiss was the only name left after that, which leads me to believe that that's who played him.

This isn't a sure thing by any means, and one of the main reasons I've found is that the cast list at the end of the episode omits several names. Most notably, they left out Lisa Ortiz and Veronica Taylor. That said, though, I can't find a single other role by Brandon Weiss anywhere. He isn't listed on this site, the Pokemon wiki, Bulbapedia, IMDb, or anywhere else. With the way 4kids generally pulls from a very small pool of talent, you'd imagine he would have played at least one other character in some show at some point, but he just hasn't. I even checked episode 64 and he wasn't listed in the credits there for, as I would suspect, playing an extra in a crowd or doing a monster's vocals. While it's possible he just wasn't credited, the fact that this specific name was in the credits but seemingly nowhere else in this show or any other show leads me to believe that this kid's voice actor was Brandon Weiss.

Not sure why I spent so much time and effort figuring this out, but it seemed like an interesting bit of trivia. If this seems like a compelling enough argument, could put it in the article.

Anti-Mattering (talkcontribs) 05:03, 27 January 2022 (UTC)