Team Catastrophe

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Team Catastrophe

Team Catastrophe




Chīmu Katasutorofu

Japanese translated

Team Catastrophe

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Team Catastrophe is one of the teams participating on the World Racing Grand Prix.


Primo gave this team the Card of Darkness "Hook the Hidden Knight". They used this card to escape from the slums.

During the World Racing Grand Prix preliminary rounds, Team Catastrophe dueled against Team Unicorn and won after they used "Hook the Hidden Knight" to lock Andre's and Jean's Duel Runner's wheels and make them crash. They also made Akiza crash while she was training, and were soon revealed to have been the culprits behind Crow's injury that made him unable to participate against Team Unicorn.

During their World Racing Grand Prix Duel with Team 5D's, they revealed a second Card of Darkness, "Doom Ray", after Crow manages to overcome "Hook the Hidden Knight" and prevent Team Catastrophe from using it any further after Hermann loses. However, their strategy failed and they lost after Nicolas's Duel Runner was destroyed. Since Nicolas could not drive his Duel Runner back to the pit to hand off the flag to Hans, it resulted in an automatic defeat.

The all have criminal marks, but Hermann has two.

WRGP Prelimary Round[edit]

Opponent Outcome
Team Unicorn Win
Team 5D's Lose (by default)


  • Team Catastrophe are the only team in the World Racing Grand Prix:
    • Whose third Wheeler did not Duel on-screen
    • Who did not defeat a single Wheeler in their duel against Team 5D's
    • Who did not Duel against Yusei.
  • Team 5D's Duel with Team Catastrophe was the shortest of their World Racing Grand Prix Duels, only spanning two episodes.
  • Team Catastrophe is the only team in the World Racing Grand Prix whose captain is not their last wheeler.