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Team Shark

The members of Team Shark.






Team Shark

Appears in (manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL



Team Shark is a Dueling Team led by Shark in Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL.


Shark invited Tokunosuke for the team, but told him that to enter he had to defeat a Dueling Team leader first. Tokunosuke then faces Yuma, leader of Team ZEXAL, for that, but ends up losing. At that moment, Shark and the other members arrive and reveal that they never intended to let Tokunosuke in, and despised him.[1] Yuma and the members of Team ZEXAL defend Tokunosuke, and because of that Shark challenges Yuma for a Duel, under 2 conditions: betting their Team Badges and Tokunosuke, who he intended to use as a slave if he won. Yuma accepts, and they Duel.[2] Although Yuma loses, when Shark is about to take his Team Badge, he notes Yuma should have won, and frustrated, declares that the match was a non-count.[3]

Team Shark later enters the Team Duel Tournament, and is the first team to advance to the finals.[4]



Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Yuma Tsukumo (from Team ZEXAL) 3-4 Win
Eight unknown Dueling Teams 11 Win (off-screen)[Notes 1]
Team ZEXAL 12-13 Lose


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  1. In chapter 11, the team is shown to have advanced to the finals of the tournament. They must have defeated at least 8 teams for that.