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{{BAM-Icon}} is used to insert image icons from Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. It is only compatible with images, whose filename begin with "BAM-".


{{BAM-Icon|image name|image size|ext=|alt=|link=}}

  • The first unnamed parameter is for the image name. It is the only mandatory parameter. The filename without the "BAM-" prefix or the extension is to be entered here. Whatever is set here will also be used as the hover and alt text, with the following exceptions.
    • CP sets them to "Card Pieces".
    • DP sets them to "Duel Points".
    • o-ween sets them "BAM-o-ween".
    • Giving sets them to "BAM-Giving Event"
    • Xmas sets them to "13 Days of Xmas".
  • The second unnamed parameter is for the size of the image. Either the number of pixels wide or x followed by the number of pixels high is to be used here. e.g. 10 or x10. If unused, the default size is 25 pixels wide.
  • ext is for the file extension. By default, this is svg.
  • alt sets the image alt text. By default, this is the same as the first unnamed parameter. If |alt =  is used, without a value being entered, the alt text will be blank. Alt text is text that is used as an alternative when images are not available.
  • link is used to specify a page for the image to link to. By default, the image will link to its corresponding file page. If |link =  is used, without a value being entered, the image will not link to any page.


Input Output
{{BAM-Icon|BAM Legend|link=BAM Legend}} BAM Legend
{{BAM-Icon|o-ween|x25|ext=png}} BAM-o-ween
{{BAM-Icon|Water|alt=}} [[WATER]] WATER

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