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{{CMC card}} is used to create card tables for manga Capsule Monster Chess pieces.

See {{Toei CMC card}} and {{MCBB card}} for monsters from the Toei anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle.


{{CMC card
| name          = 
| ja_name       = 
| romaji_name   = 
| trans_name    = 
| level         = 
| abilities     = 
| appears_in_dm = 
  • name: The English name of the monster. By default, this is the page name, without any bracketed text.
  • ja_name: The Japanese name of the monster
  • romaji_name: The Japanese name of the monster, in romaji
  • level: The Level of the monster
  • abilities: A bulleted list of the monster's abilities
  • ability_desc: The monster's ability descriptions
  • used_by: Characters who have used the monster
  • appears_in_dm: A comma-separated list of numbers of the chapters the Capsule Monster appears in


  • The default color scheme is light yellow with a dark yellow heading.
  • The background color of the heading can change based on the value of the level parameter; 1: orange, 2: purple, 4: green, 5: blue. (No other Levels were shown in the manga.)
  • The background color of the main section changes to light blue for monsters used by Mokuba Kaiba in his second battle with Dark Yugi. Such monsters are identified by having Mokuba mentioned in the value for the used_by parameter and having a list with more than one item in the value for the ability parameter.


{{CMC card
| ja_name       = アルマザウルス
| romaji_name   = Aruma Zaurus
| level         = 5
| abilities     = 
* Flame
* Armor Attack
| used_by       = Mokuba Kaiba (manga)
| appears_in_dm = 034, 035
Aruma Zaurus
Game Capsule Monster Chess
Level 5

  • Flame
  • Armor Attack
Used by Mokuba Kaiba