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{{CardTable2}} is used for pages for cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).

Historically, the template has been used for cards from all Yu-Gi-Oh! games and still contains support for a number of video games, which need to be given their own dedicated template.


| cardclass                = 
| name                     = 
| fr_name                  = 
| de_name                  = 
| it_name                  = 
| es_name                  = 
| ja_name                  = 
| romaji_name              = 
| trans_name               = 
| base_romaji_name         = 
| base_trans_name          = 
| zh_name                  = 
| zh_pinyin_name           = 
| zh_trans_name            = 
| ko_name                  = 
| ko_rr_name               = 
| ko_trans_name            = 
| alt_name                 = 
| alt_name2                = 
| alt_name3                = 
| ja_alt_name              = 
| ja_alt_romaji            = 
| ja_alt_trans             = 
| image                    = 
| image2                   = 
| card_type                = 
| property                 = 
| attribute                = 
| character                = 
| types                    = 
| level                    = 
| rank                     = 
| link_arrows              = 
| pendulum_scale           = 
| maximum_atk              = 
| atk                      = 
| def                      = 
| password                 = 
| limitation_text          = 
| ritualcard               = 
| ritualmonster            = 
| summon                   = 
| effect_types             = 
| pendulum_effect_types    = 
| ocg_status               = 
| tcg_status               = 
| tcg_speed_duel_status    = 
| source_card              = 
| skill_activation         = 
| fr_skill_activation      = 
| de_skill_activation      = 
| it_skill_activation      = 
| pt_skill_activation      = 
| es_skill_activation      = 
| pendulum_effect          = 
| fr_pendulum_effect       = 
| de_pendulum_effect       = 
| it_pendulum_effect       = 
| pt_pendulum_effect       = 
| es_pendulum_effect       = 
| ja_pendulum_effect       = 
| trans_pendulum_effect    = 
| zh_pendulum_effect       = 
| ko_pendulum_effect       = 
| lore                     = 
| fr_lore                  = 
| de_lore                  = 
| it_lore                  = 
| pt_lore                  = 
| es_lore                  = 
| ja_lore                  = 
| trans_lore               = 
| zh_lore                  = 
| ko_lore                  = 
| use                      = 
| database_id              = 
| en_sets                  = 
| na_sets                  = 
| eu_sets                  = 
| au_sets                  = 
| fr_sets                  = 
| fc_sets                  = 
| de_sets                  = 
| it_sets                  = 
| pt_sets                  = 
| sp_sets                  = 
| jp_sets                  = 
| ja_sets                  = 
| ae_sets                  = 
| tc_sets                  = 
| sc_sets                  = 
| kr_sets                  = 
| supports                 = 
| anti-supports            = 
| archseries               = 
| supports_archetypes      = 
| anti-supports_archetypes = 
| related_to_archetypes    = 
| counter                  = 
| action                   = 
| stat_change              = 
| m/s/t                    = 
| summoning                = 
| attack                   = 
| banished                 = 
| life_points              = 
| fm_for                   = 
| sm_for                   = 
| misc                     = 
| fusion_material          = 
| synchro_material         = 
| material                 = 





Using any of these will add the page to Category:Cards with a manual status. If one of these is used without a value, the page will be added to Category:((CardTable2)) transclusions with an unnecessary status parameter.

  • ocg_status: The card's status in the OCG. Defaults to Unlimited; this parameter should only be added if the card is not yet released or legal, or if it has a status other than Unlimited.
  • tcg_status: The card's status in the TCG Advanced Format (if the card is Forbidden, its Traditional Format status will be automatically assumed to be Limited.) Defaults to Unlimited; this parameter should only be added if the card is not yet released or legal, or if it has a status other than Unlimited.
  • tcg_speed_duel_status: The card's status in TCG Speed Duels. This parameter should be used for all Speed Duel-legal cards.

Search categories[edit]

Each of these should be a bulleted list of page names:


name, lore, pendulum_effect, skill_activation can be prefixed with a language code to specify its text in other languages. e.g. ja_lore for the Japanese lore. If lore is set to none, none of the other lore parameters should be used. Applicable prefixes are as follows ("romanized" prefixes only work for the "name" parameter):

  • fr_: French
  • de_: German
  • it_: Italian
  • pt_: Portuguese
  • es_: Spanish
  • ja_: Japanese
  • romaji_: Japanese romanized, using revised Hepburn
  • trans_: Japanese translated into English. These should only be used if they differ non-trivially from the English name or lore. Using trans_lore adds the page to Category:Card table transclusions using trans_lore.
  • ko_: Korean
  • ko_rr_: Korean romanized, using Revised Romanization.
  • zh_: Chinese
  • zh_pinyin_: Chinese romanized, using Pinyin.

Other localization parameters (using any of these will add the page to Category:Card pages with an alt name).

  • ja_alt_name: A second Japanese name for the card.
  • ja_alt_romaji: Romanization of the second Japanese name.
  • ja_alt_trans: English translation of the second Japanese name.

Links should generally only be added to the English lore, pendulum_effect, and skill_activation parameters (name parameters should never contain links, in any language). Each term should only be linked once, when it first appears in the lore. Where the text is clear, brevity is preferred over avoiding redirects; e.g. [[monster]] instead of [[Monster Card|monster]], [[sent]] instead of [[Send|sent]], [[GY]] instead of [[Graveyard|GY]], [[Life Points]] instead of [[LP|Life Points]], etc (see also wikipedia:WP:NOPIPE). However, note cases where a full link is clearer: [[Add a card|add]] instead of [[add]], [[Main Deck|Deck]] instead of [[Deck]], etc. Piped links to redirects should always be avoided: [[field]] instead of [[Playing Field|field]], etc. Note, though, that pages should not be edited only to change link targets to or from redirects; some other change must be made in the same edit (e.g. updating the search categories or adding a name).


The values for all sets are to be entered using the following syntax and ordered by release date, from oldest to newest.

Card number 1; Set page name 1; Rarity 1
Card number 2; Set page name 2; Rarity 2

For example:

| na_sets = 
LOB-001; Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon; Ultra Rare
DDS-001; Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories promotional cards; Prismatic Secret Rare
SDK-001; Starter Deck: Kaiba; Ultra Rare

If a card was printed in multiple rarities, all in the same set and with the same card number, the rarities should be included on the same line, separated with commas. For example:

| ja_sets = 
CHIM-JP010; Chaos Impact; Super Rare, Secret Rare, 20th Secret Rare

If a card's rarity is unknown, or if a card has no card number, the value should be left blank, but the semicolon should be included. Similarly, if the card number is unknown, the known portion of the card number may be included, with unknown portions represented with question marks. For example:

| na_sets = 
; Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon; Common
SDK-001; Starter Deck: Kaiba; 
CHIM-EN0??; Chaos Impact; 
????-EN???; Eternity Code; 

There are different parameters for different languages/regions:

  • en_sets: English
  • na_sets: North American English
  • eu_sets: European English
  • au_sets: Australian English
  • fr_sets: French
  • fc_sets: French-Canadian
  • de_sets: German
  • it_sets: Italian
  • pt_sets: Portuguese
  • sp_sets: Spanish
  • jp_sets: Japanese
  • ja_sets: Japanese-Asian
  • ae_sets: Asian-English
  • tc_sets: Traditional Chinese
  • sc_sets: Simplified Chinese
  • kr_sets: Korean

For convenience, ko_sets is supported as an alternative to kr_sets, and es_sets as an alternative to sp_sets, but these are considered errors, and the page will be added to Category:Card table transclusions using ko_sets or Category:Card table transclusions using es_sets, respectively.

Color schemes[edit]

The logic for determining the color scheme is as follows. If a condition is met, that color scheme is used. If not, the next condition is checked.

  1. If the cardclass parameter is used, it will dictate the color scheme. Any value from the "Name" column in the table below can be used for this parameter. Cards using this parameter are tracked in Category:CardTable2 parameter tracking (cardclass).
  2. If the card is a Monster Card with "Token" at the end of its name, the token color scheme will be used.
  3. If the card_type parameter is used, the color scheme associated with the card type will be used. (See the "Use" column in the table below to find the card type.)
  4. If the second item in the types parameter is any of "Normal", "Effect", "Fusion", "Link", "Ritual", "Synchro", "Token", or "Xyz", the color scheme associated with the monster type will be used. (See the "Use" column.)
  5. If a third item is used in the types parameter, the color scheme associated with its value is used. (See the "Use" column.)
  6. If the template identifies the card as a Monster Card and the effect_types parameter is used or the card has an Ability in its types parameters, the effect color scheme will be used. Cards will be added to the Category:Colors assumed without using the Type string category, in this scenario.
  7. If the template identifies the card as a Monster Card, the normal color scheme will be used. Cards will be added to the Category:Colors assumed without using the Type string category, in this scenario.
  8. The blank color scheme is used by default.

The pendulum color scheme is used on top of one of the other color schemes, if the pendulum_scale, pendulum_effect or pendulum_effect_types parameters or any of their localized equivalents are used.

Name Header style Body style Use Example page
normal Dark yellow Yellow, with italicized lore Normal Monster "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
effect Orange Orange Effect Monster "Dark Magician Girl"
fusion Violet Light purple Fusion Monster "Gaia the Dragon Champion"
ritual Blue Light blue Ritual Monster "Black Luster Soldier"
synchro Light gray White Synchro Monster "Stardust Dragon"
xyz Black, white text Light gray Xyz Monster "Number 39: Utopia"
spell Green, white text Green Spell Card "Monster Reborn"
Speed Spell Card (deprecated) "Speed Spell - Accelerator Draw"
Command Card "Command Duel-Use Card"
trap Purple, white text Purple Trap Card "Trap Hole"
token Gray Gray Monster Token "Sheep Token"
Counter "Spell Counter (card)"
skill Blue, white text, with gradient, border and text shadow effects Light blue Skill Card "It's a Toon World!"
faq Not currently developed Not currently developed FAQ card
strategy Blue, white text Gray Strategy Card "Ace in the hole"
Card Checklist "Duelist Pack -Yusei- Checklist"
tip Purple, white text Pale yellow Tip Card "Be polite!"
red Red Red Certain cards, not adhering to a standard color scheme "Slifer the Sky Dragon (original)"
yellow Dark yellow (same style as "normal") Yellow (same style as "normal", but without italics) Ticket Card "Glory of the King's Hand"
Certain cards, not adhering to a standard color scheme "The Winged Dragon of Ra (original)"
blue Blue (same style as "ritual") Blue (same style as "ritual") Certain cards, not adhering to a standard color scheme "Obelisk the Tormentor (original)"
pendulum None Adds a green gradient on top of another color scheme. This scheme is not to be used by itself. Pendulum Monster "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"
blank Light gray Light gray Default. Used when the card has not been identified as belonging to any other color scheme. Ideally, no cards should use this. If there are any, they will be listed at Category:Card pages with no color class.

Default image[edit]

If the image parameter is unused, empty or contains a non-existent image, the following logic determines which image is shown:

  1. If the value of card_type is "Checklist", "FAQ", "Strategy" or "Tip", File:StrategyCard-EN-Back.png is used.
  2. If the card uses a sets parameter for any of the TCG regions, File:Back-EN.png is used.
  3. If the card uses a Japanese or Chinese sets parameter, File:Back-JP.png is used.
  4. If the card uses the kr_sets parameter, File:Back-KR.png is used.
  5. Otherwise, File:Back-EN.png is used.

Tracking categories[edit]

{{CardTable2}} tracks a number of possible error states and edge cases with categories; many are listed above, and the following are also used.

Deprecated parameters[edit]

Parameters still in use, but should be removed in the near future.

Video game parameters[edit]

A number of parameters for video game data remain; these will be gradually removed as the games get dedicated card templates and card pages are split.

Any page using video-game-specific parameters is added to Category:((CardTable2)) transclusions with video game parameters and pages using a video game image are added to Category:((CardTable2)) transclusions using video game images. Categories are also added for each video game the card has parameters or an image for:

Dark Duel Stories
Dark Duel Stories images.
Duel Arena
dar_lore, Duel Arena images.
Duel Academy
gx1_name, gx1_lore, gx1_number, gx1_dp, gx1_sets, gx1_status.
Nightmare Troubadour
ygo_lore, ygo_sets.
Spirit Caller
gx03_name, gx03_sets, gx03_status.
Tag Force 4
tf04_sets, Tag Force 4 images.
World Championship 2008
wc08_sets, wc08_dp.
World Championship 2009
wc09_lore, wc09_sets.
World Championship 2010
wc10_lore, wc10_sets.
World Championship 2011
wc11_lore, World Championship 2011 images.