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Monsters ({{{total m}}})
Normal Monsters

{{{normal monsters}}}

Effect Monsters

{{{effect monsters}}}

Flip monsters

{{{flip monsters}}}

Toon monsters

{{{toon monsters}}}

Spirit monsters

{{{spirit monsters}}}

Union monsters

{{{union monsters}}}

Gemini monsters

{{{gemini monsters}}}

Tuner monsters

{{{tuner monsters}}}

Pendulum Monsters

{{{pendulum monsters}}}

Dark Tuner monsters

{{{dark tuner monsters}}}

Ritual Monsters

{{{ritual monsters}}}


{{{other monsters}}}

Extra Deck ({{{total me}}})
Fusion Monsters

{{{fusion monsters}}}

Synchro Monsters

{{{synchro monsters}}}

Xyz Monsters

{{{xyz monsters}}}

Link Monsters

{{{link monsters}}}

Dark Synchro Monsters

{{{dark synchro monsters}}}


{{{other extra deck monsters}}}

Spells ({{{total s}}})


Traps ({{{total t}}})


Other cards ({{{total o}}})


Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]


| color =
| color2 =
| normal monsters =
| effect monsters =
| toon monsters =
| spirit monsters =
| union monsters =
| gemini monsters =
| tuner monsters =
| pendulum monsters = 
| dark tuner monsters =
| ritual monsters =
| fusion monsters =
| synchro monsters =
| xyz monsters =
| dark synchro monsters =
| spells =
| traps =

At least one monster type parameter or spells or traps must be included.

Optional parameters

  • color: custom header background color.
  • color2: custom header text color.
  • total m: The number of Monster Cards.
  • total me: The number of Monster Cards in the Extra Deck.
  • total s: The number of Spell Cards.
  • total t: The number of Trap Cards.
  • An unnamed parameter can be used as a custom Deck name.


Adding the following to a page...

{{Decklist|Warrior Deck
| normal monsters =
* [[Celtic Guardian]] x2
| effect monsters = 
* [[Buster Blader]]
* [[Exiled Force]]
| spells =
* [[Reinforcement of the Army]]
* [[Monster Reborn]]
| traps =
* [[Trap Hole]]

... produces the following:

Warrior Deck

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