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For {{{1}}}, see [[{{{2}}}]].
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{{For}} is used to add disambiguating hatnotes to the tops of articles. It takes at least two unnamed parameters, where the first is a brief description of the target article and the second is the article's page name, with any formatting as needed (anything that is supported by {{Autolink}} may be used). Additional pointers can be added with more pairs of unnamed parameters, up to a maximum of 6 (12 parameters).

Code Result
{{For|the character|Yubel (character)}}
For the character, see Yubel (character).
{{For|the character|Yubel (character)|the anime card|""Yubel"" (anime)}}
For the character, see Yubel (character). For the anime card, see "Yubel" (anime).

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