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When given the Japanese name of a card as a parameter, this template returns the card's English name. This template should only be used when the English card name is subject to change (for example, if the card has been released in the OCG but not in the TCG). It should not be used if the English name of the card is confirmed.

The Japanese name should not contain any furigana.

If false is included as a second parameter, then this template returns the card's article's name. This is useful for creating links.


Normal use
  • {{GetEngName|E・HERO ネオス}} => Elemental HERO Neos
  • {{GetEngName|差し戻し}} => Return
  • {{GetEngName|カオスポッド}} => Morphing Jar #2
Article name
  • {{GetEngName|差し戻し|false}} => Return (card)
  • {{GetEngName|カオスポッド|false}} => Morphing Jar 2


If more than one card has the same Japanese name, then this template will return only the first name.

  • {{GetEngName|オベリスクの巨神兵}} => Obelisk the Tormentor

In cases like this, the English name is usually confirmed for both cards, so this template should not be used.

See also[edit]

  • {{Card name}}, which returns the name of a card (or other page) in the requested language
  • {{SMW page name}}, which returns the name of the page a redirect points to