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Base translated{{{ja_base_trans_name}}}
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English magazine[[{{{en_magazine}}}|]] {{{en_issue}}}
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Bunkoban volume[[{{{series}}} bunkoban - Volume {{{bunkoban_volume}}}| Volume {{{bunkoban_volume}}}]]
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All parameters[edit]

{{Infobox chapter
| image           = 
| size            = 
| caption         = 
| en_name         = 
| ja_name         = 
| romaji_name     = 
| ja_trans_name   = 
| fr_name         = 
| de_name         = 
| it_name         = 
| pt_name         = 
| es_name         = 
| th_name         = 
| series          = 
| number          = 
| ja_magazine     = 
| ja_issue        = 
| en_magazine     = 
| en_issue        = 
| volume          = 
| en_volume       = 
| bunkoban_volume = 
| sjr_volume      = 
| ja_release_date = 
| en_release_date = 
| prev            = 
| next            = 

General parameters[edit]

  • image: The filename of the image to display in the infobox
  • size: Size of the image in pixels (default: 257)
  • caption: Text to appear below the image

Name parameters[edit]

  • en_name: English name
  • ja_name: Japanese name, including ruby markup
  • romaji_name: Japanese name, printed in rōmaji
  • ja_trans_name: English translation of the Japanese name, if different than the English name
  • fr_name: French name
  • de_name: German name
  • it_name: Italian name
  • pt_name: Portuguese name
  • es_name: Spanish name
  • th_name: Thai name

Serialization parameters[edit]

  • series: manga series that the chapter is a part of
  • number: chapter's number in the series
    • Prior to the 3-in-1 edition, the English prints of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World were numbered differently from the Japanese chapters. Use the chapter number from the Japanese manga and 3-in-1 edition. The template will automatically add the other number as a subseries number.
  • ja_magazine: Japanese magazine that the chapter was printed in
  • ja_issue: issue of the specified ja_magazine. Use the cover year and the issue number for that year, prefixed with #. e.g. 1996 #42
  • en_magazine: English magazine that the chapter was printed in
  • en_issue: issue of the specified en_magazine. Use the same format as ja_issue.
  • volume: number of the tankoban volume the chapter was printed in
  • en_volume: If the chapter was printed in a different volume in English than Japanese e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 60, use this parameter to specify the English volume number
  • bunkoban_volume: number of the bunkoban volume the chapter was printed in
  • sjr_volume: number of the Shueisha Jump Remix volume the chapter was printed in
  • ja_release_date: the earliest Japanese publication date
  • en_release_date: the earliest English publication date

Chronology parameters[edit]

  • prev: Link to an article for the previous chapter. If the current and previous are both numbered chapters, this link will automatically be added.
  • next: Link to an article for the next chapter. If the current and next are both numbered chapters, this link will automatically be added.

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