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{{Infobox game (event)}} is used for articles on games played between players.


{{Infobox game (event)
| headers              = 
| image name           = 
| english name         = 
| japanese name        = 
| romaji name          = 
| asian english name   = 
| game type            = 
| duel type            = 
| contained games      = 
| players              = 
| teams                = 
| winner               = 
| event                = 
| location             = 
| appears manga        = 
| appears anime        = 
| appears video games  = 
| chapters             = 
| episodes             = 
| video game chapters  = 
| notes                = 
  • header specifies whether or not headers are to be used to divide the content of the infobox. This is typically set to true.

Name parameters are only used for games that have names.

  • english name the English name.
  • japanese name the Japanese name.
  • romaji name the Japanese name given in rōmaji.
  • asian english name the Japanese name translated into English, if different than the English version name.
  • alternate name alternate names.

Unless otherwise specified the following parameter's values are to be given in the form of a link. If there is more than one value for a parameter it is to be given as a linked bulleted list.

Game details parameters include:

  • game type lists the game played; Duel Monsters, Dragon Cards, Dungeon Dice Monsters etc. If it is a Shadow Game, this is also listed here.
  • duel type If the game is Duel Monsters, this is used to list the types of the Duel; Ground Duel, Turbo Duel, Team Duel, Concentration Duel. If Ground Duel is the only thing entered, the section will not be displayed, but the property will be added.
  • contained games Games which are played within the game in question.
  • players the players involved.
  • npcs the non-player characters involved.
  • teams the teams involved.
  • winner the winner.
  • event the event in which the Duel takes place.
  • location the location where the Duel takes place.

Appearance parameters include:

  • appears manga manga series that the Duel takes place in.
  • appears anime anime series that the Duel takes place in.
  • appears video games video games that the Duel takes place in.
  • chapters chapters that the Duel takes place in. Use {{chapter|series|number|ref}}
  • episodes episodes that the Duel takes place in. Use {{episode|series|number|ref}}
  • video game chapters video game chapters that the Duel takes place in. Use {{chapter|series|number|ref}}

Notes can be added after values, using <ref> markup. The notes parameter can be used to add a collapsible section for <references group=... /> at the bottom of the infobox.

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