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Infobox tournament
English{{{english name}}}
Japanese{{{japanese name}}}
{{{romaji name}}}
Alternative{{{alternative name}}}
Tournament details
Final positions
Third place{{{third place}}}
Fourth place{{{fourth place}}}
Manga{{{appears manga}}}
Anime{{{appears anime}}}
Video game{{{appears video games}}}
Book{{{appears books}}}
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{{Infobox tournament}} is used to add infoboxes on tournaments.

{{Infobox tournament
| image               = 
| caption             = 
| headers             = 
| english name        = 
| japanese name       = 
| romaji name         = 
| alternative name    = 
| type                = 
| structure           = 
| format              = 
| location            =
| date                = 
| winner              = 
| runner-up           = 
| third place         = 
| fourth place        = 
| participation       = 
| appears anime       = 
| appears manga       = 
| appears video games = 
| appears books       = 
| rounds              = 
| previous            = 
| next                = 
  • image: The name of the image to be displayed at the top of the infobox. Only the image name without the File: prefix should be entered here.
  • caption: The image caption. Defaults to the pagename if unused.
  • headers: Headers are added to divide the content of the infobox if this is used. It is typically set to true.
  • english name: The English name of the tournament.
  • japanese name: The Japanese name of the tournament.
  • alternative name: Alternative names for the tournament.
  • romaji name: The Japanese rōmaji name of the tournament.
  • type: The type of tournament. e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series or World Championship Qualifiers.
  • structure: The structure of the tournament. e.g. Single-elimination or swiss-system.
  • format: The Deck limitation format. e.g. Advanced or Traditional.
  • location: The location of the tournament.
  • date: The date(s) on which the tournament took place.
  • winner: The winner.
  • runner-up: The runner-up.
  • third place: The third place player.
  • fourth place: The fourth place player.
  • participation: The number of participants.
  • rounds: The number of rounds.
  • appears anime: Anime the tournament has appeared in.
  • appears manga: Manga the tournament has appeared in.
  • appears video games: Video games the tournament has appeared in.
  • appears books: Books the tournament has appeared in.
  • previous: Link to previous tournament.
  • next: Link to next tournament.

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