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This template is used to standardize rarity names/abbreviations for templates, so they don't have to implement such a check locally. It currently supports all official rarities and their abbreviations, and is not case-sensitive. The template doesn't return anything when fed unsupported values, which can be used for error-checking.

Basic usage is {{r|rarity}}, outputting the abbreviation for the given rarity. The full name can be output instead by using the {{{full}}} parameter.


Code Result Code Result
{{r|Common}} C {{r|C}} C
{{r|common}} C {{r|c}} C
{{r|Common|full=yes}} Common {{r|C|full=yes}} Common
{{r|Rare}} R {{r|R}} R
{{r|Ghost Rare}} GR {{r|GR}} GR
{{r|Foo}} {{r|BLA}}
{{r|}} {{r}}

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