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{{Reconstructed lore}} is a notice template mainly intended for use in the following cases:

It takes several optional parameters: one unnamed parameter to change the text "anime and manga", an in the parameter to customize or hide the text "in the" before the medium, an in parameter to customize or remove the text "in", and a the parameter to customize or remove the text "the".

In the case where a card's text was visibly shown but partially blocked by e.g. the character's finger holding the card, and as much as possible of the visible lore has already been transcribed, then a modified version of this template should be used, replacing the second parameter with "was shown partially obscured" and the third parameter with "and/or the portion visible". If the card's text was partially obscured and the visible portion has not yet been transcribed, use the {{Lore in need of transcription}} template instead.

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