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{{SMW page name}} is a template which returns a given title's actual page name, even if the title is a redirect. This is useful in error checking and some other situations, in other templates.

This template takes a single unnamed parameter and returns the page name of the associated article if it exists, as plaintext (it may return garbage or nothing if the article doesn't exist).

This template's output can be used to generate links.

Code Result
{{SMW page name|Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon}} Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
{{SMW page name|LOB}} Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
{{SMW page name|Dark Magician}} Dark Magician
{{SMW page name|LOB-005}} Dark Magician
{{SMW page name|JUMP-EN049}} Dark Magician
{{SMW page name|Some junk page name value}}
[[{{SMW page name|LB}}]] Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (Japanese)

Note that this template requires Semantic MediaWiki to function; this template will not work if SMW is disabled.

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