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This template is used to link an article here to its equivalent article on Wikipedia. Basic usage is {{Wikipediapar}}, which automatically links to the Wikipedia article with the same name as the page this template is used on.

Cases where Wikipedia's article is at a different title from the article here can be handled with one or two unnamed parameters: the first changes the title the template links to, and the second changes the link's text. Examples:

Code Result
{{Wikipediapar|Main Page}}
{{Wikipediapar|Main Page|Click here!}}

Note that Wikipedia is not Yugipedia, and as such has different (generally much stricter) content policies. Just because an article here does not have an equivalent on Wikipedia does not mean you should create it. Similarly, if an article on Wikipedia, linked from the equivalent article here, is converted to a redirect, it is probably for a good reason, and should not be reverted without discussion and obtaining a consensus for it on Wikipedia.