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Something similar[edit]

This is an interesting idea. There is something else I had been thinking of a while ago, I think is worth mentioning.

{{#arraymap:{{{anime_5d|}}}|/|x|{{episode|Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's|x|number}}|/}}

Would convert |anime_5d = 4/8/15/16/23/42 to 4/8/15/16/23/42

The disadvantages to this compared to setup on this page are:

  • It will shave extra 0s off the start of episodes before 100
  • it won't work if the episode article doesn't exist.

The advantages are

  • It should handle an arbitrarily high amount of episodes, so we won't need to update the number of parameters to ensure it stays higher than the amount of appearances a card has
  • It's not based on pagenames, so it would be less messy should we ever decide to change how episode and chapter pages are named.
  • The template syntax is a bit cleaner... maybe?

-- Deltaneos (talk) 23:20, September 8, 2010 (UTC)