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"Shaman" with "Mapura", "Nahata" and "Shthana"
"Shaman" with "Mapura", "Nahata" and "Shthana"
  • てん
  • 天威 (base)
  • てんい (ruby)
  • Ten'i (romanized)

  • Tenyi

  • Tenyi

  • Tenyi

  • 천위
  • 天威 (Hanja)
  • Cheonwi (romanized)

  • Tenyi

  • Tenyi


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"Tenyi" (てん Ten'i) is an archetype introduced in Rising Rampage, made up of Wyrm monsters with various Attributes and centered around Non-Effect Monsters.


Chi Gathering at Lands of Dragon Vein = "Tenyi Spirit"

The manifested form taken by chi gathering at lands of dragon veins is known as a "Tenyi Spirit". Their appearances differ depending on the nature of the "chi". Practitioners of martial arts borrowing this power for their techniques are known as the "Tenyi Style".

Monk of the Tenyi

A young boy who is aiming to master the art of "Tenyi Wubeng", the secret art of Tenyi Style. He is visiting the dragon veins around the world with "Shaman" to continue his training.

Shaman of the Tenyi

An expert at manifesting the chi gathering at dragon veins. She is guiding "Monk" on his trip visiting the dragon veins as his senior.

Berserker of the Tenyi

The current head of Tenyi Style. He gathered too much of the chi of "Tenyi Spirit - Vishuda" within himself and turned into "Berserker".

Two Disciples Stand Against Their Ambitious Master Who Has Lost His Way!!

Natural energy known as "chi" flows around the world. Someone once described that flow as a dragon, and named it "dragon vein", and areas fertilized by it "land of dragon veins". One day, a sudden incident struck the "Tenyi Style" master and students, who have been training day in and out to master their art through drawing out chi from the land of dragon veins. The master who had been training by himself within a cave became consumed with dark chi, and it drove his ambitions into overdrive. The dark chi became one with his body, and he became "Berserker of the Tenyi". He was now going to use violence and force to advance his ambition for conquering and to achieve "Tenyi Wushuang". His number one disciple, the unmatched genius of Tenyi Style "Shaman of the Tenyi", and the younger disciple "Monk of the Tenyi" were astonished at their master's sudden change, and tried to talk some sense into him. With his ambitions amplified to an abnormal level, the disciples of course failed to reach their master by words. To stop their master's rampage, the curtain now rises upon the battle between practitioners of Tenyi Style!! [1]


Ten'i is the Japanese trascription of the term Tianwei, which is Chinese for "Heavenly/Imperial Authority". Each Main Deck member is named after one of the seven chakras:

Tenyi Link Monster Corresponding Dragon Chakra
Monk Adhara 1st - Muladhara
Shaman Shthana 2nd - Svadhishthana
Mapura 3rd - Manipura
Nahata 4th - Anahata
Berserker Vishuda 5th - Vishuddha
Masters Ashuna 6th - Ajna
Sahasrara 7th - Sahasrara

Playing style[edit]

The "Tenyi" Main Deck monsters revealed thus far are all Effect Monsters that can Special Summon themselves from the hand if the player controls no Effect Monsters. In addition, they have an effect that can be activated from the hand or Graveyard in certain circumstances, provided the player controls a non-Effect Monster: by banishing the respective "Tenyi" monster, the player can, for example, return an opposing card to the hand, Special Summon a "Tenyi" from the Deck or reduce the ATK of an opposing battling monster. The primary move is to use the first effect of a "Tenyi" Main Deck monster to enable the Link Summon of "Monk of the Tenyi". This sets up the Special Summon of a second "Tenyi" from the hand, and then the Summon of the Link-2 Effect Monster "Shaman of the Tenyi". It can be used to revive any Wyrm monster, and also to "Link climb" to "Berserker of the Tenyi", while setting up the Graveyard with "Tenyi" monsters in the process, so they can activate their secondary effects. Additionally, it can destroy an opposing card when a non-Effect monster battles, adding a layer of protection/disruption to the strategy. The theme also has a Synchro Monster, "Draco Berserker of the Tenyi", that despite not having any synergy with the primary concept of the archetype, can be easily Summoned by combining "Tenyi Spirit - Adhara" and "Ashuna"/"Vishuda" and used to disrupt the opponent's strategy by banishing their key monsters while also serving as a finisher, since it can raise its own ATK and attack up to two monsters per Battle Phase.

The support cards of this archetype also encourages the player to control at least one non-Effect Monster: "Vessel for the Dragon Cycle" can be used to search for resources and set up the Graveyard effects of the "Tenyi" monsters, and "Flawless Perfection of the Tenyi" gives on-field non-Effect Monsters full immunity against monster effects, while also providing two draws when the opponent Special Summons an Effect Monster. Combining the Field Spell with "Shaman" and "Draco Berserker" can put the opponent in a potentially difficult position, especially while having a set "Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi", the theme's Counter Trap Card, that is capable of negating the activation of any Spell/Trap card or Monster effect, albeit not destroying the negated card, which makes it more effective against Spell/Traps that do not remain on the field after resolution, as well as monster effects that resolve out of the field.

Among generic options that can synergize with the Deck, "Waterfall of Dragon Souls" and "White Elephant's Gift" stand out, being capable of providing more resources and even more draw power.

Recommended cards[edit]

Recommended cards