The Afternoon of that Day

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"The Afternoon of that Day" (あの午後ごご, Ano Hi no Gogo) is the second Japanese ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime, performed by Masami Okui. It debuted on April 7, 2001, and aired during episodes 49 to 80. It was replaced by "Paradise" in episode 81.


20th Remaster: Battle City Edition[edit]

The Afternoon of that Day BattleCityEdition.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Battle City Edition features an edited version of this ending. Like the series itself, the footage in the opening has been cropped to accommodate the HD resolution.

  • Each of the characters now has an extra monochrome image from the series accompanying their individual shots.



Tooi tooi mukashi ni mo koko ni ita youna ki ga suru
Yuuhi ga irotta houkago no kyoushitsu
Kiri sugita maegami o yubisashi warau minna to
Boku ga boku de aru tameni to
Gamushara mae dake mite kita
Taai mo nai kono jikan ni
Mamora reterutte kizuki mo shinai de
Dare datte sorezore ni mukau zahyou chigau keredo
Ima wa sou yose atta KOKORO onaji dane
Nagai michi itsumademo tsugazu hanarezu iretara
Kimi ga kimi de aru tameni wa
Nani o nozomi yume miru?
Boku ni dekiru koto wa subete
Youi shiteru yo kuchi ja ienakute mo
Sukoshi zutsu toki wa nagareru
Maegami boku no mabuta ni
Fureru koro mo kitto kawara nu
Yuuyake ga minna o tsutsunde
Boku ga boku de aru tameni to
Nanika o samishi tsuzuketa
Taai mo nai kono jikan ga
Kotae dato shitta, kore kara mo zutto...

I feel like I was here long, long ago as well
With the sunset coloring the after school classroom
I pointed and laughed along with everyone over my bangs that were cut too short
In order for me to be me
I'll recklessly look forward
In such a foolish time
You wouldn't even notice if you were protected
The coordinates each person is going toward are different
But now that they're closer, aren't our hearts the same?
If we can stay on neutral ground forever on this long road...
In order for you to be you
What sort of desires do you dream of?
Everything that I can do
Is prepared, though it won't come out of my mouth
Little by little, time goes on
Now my bangs are over my eyelids
The sunset wrapped up everyone
I'm sure it didn't change even as we touched
In order for me to be me
I continue to search for something
If you knew such a foolish time
was the answer, you will from here on out, forever...[1]


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