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The Agent
"The Agent of Creation - Venus" surrounded by three "Mystical Shine Balls", in the artwork of the former card.
"The Agent of Creation - Venus" surrounded by three "Mystical Shine Balls", in the artwork of the former card.
  • だいこうしゃ
  • 代行者 (base)
  • だいこうしゃ (ruby)
  • Daikōsha (romanized)
  • Agent
  • Sendbot
  • Sendbote/-in (formerly)
  • L'Agente
  • 대행자
  • 代行者 (Hanja)
  • Daehaengja (romanized)
  • O Representante
  • El Agente
Anime appearances

"The Agent" (だいこうしゃ Daikōsha) is an archetype of LIGHT and DARK Fairy monsters. The archetype was introduced in Ancient Sanctuary, and was slowly expanded over the course of more than a decade. Two Structure Decks in particular are dedicated to the archetype, Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck (TCG)/Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary (OCG), and the Structure Deck R Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary.

The archetype is related to the Field Spell Card "The Sanctuary in the Sky", and is also related to the "Hyperion" archetype of monsters.


Each "The Agent" monster is based on a different celestial body, usually a planet. Each monster is named as "The Agent of [Property] - [Planet]".

The Agent Celestial body
Wisdom - Mercury Mercury
Creation - Venus Venus
Destruction - Venus
Mystery - Earth Earth
Protector - Moon Moon
Force - Mars Mars
Miracles - Jupiter Jupiter
Judgment - Saturn Saturn
Entropy - Uranus Uranus
Life - Neptune Neptune
The Executor of the Underworld - Pluto Pluto

The "Hyperion" monsters serve as the boss monsters for "The Agent" archetype, and they represent the Sun in the archetype's celestial body theme.

Playing style[edit]

"The Agent" archetype features multiple monsters with a diverse array of effects. The archetype is strongly related to the Field Spell "The Sanctuary in the Sky" and its supporting card series, as well as the "Hyperion" archetype, who cross-support "The Agent" archetype and the The Sanctuary in the Sky series. Generally, "The Agent" Decks focus on utilizing archetypal support, "Sanctuary"-related support, and general Fairy-Type support to perform combos and build boards.

Though the archetype features many monsters, many of them had become obsolete due to their old age. The current key "The Agent" monsters that facilitate their main combos are "Venus", "Neptune", and "Earth". Most "The Agent" monsters, including "Neptune" and "Earth", can be searched by "Sanctuary"-related support; "Venus" however, is a notable exception.

The archetype has a small number of Extra Deck monsters: "Moon" is a Link-2 Link Monster that can be easily Summoned by "Venus", and mills additional "Sanctuary"-related cards to enable more combos. "Pluto" is a Level 5 Tuner Synchro Monster with a situational Quick Effect which focuses on flip disruption.

The "Hyperion" monsters, consisting of the Main Deck "Master Hyperion", "Majesty Hyperion", and the Extra Deck Synchro Monster "Masterflare Hyperion", are the archetype's main boss monsters. Both Main Deck "Hyperion" monsters can be searched by "Sanctuary"-related support.

  • "Master" and "Majesty" are both Special Summoned by banishing 1 "The Agent" from the player's hand, field or GY; "Master" can be Special Summoned any number of times per turn, but can only be Summoned from the hand, while "Majesty" can Special Summon itself from the hand or GY, but can only do so once per turn. On the field, both can banish a LIGHT Fairy monster from the GY to damage the opponent: "Master" destroys an opponent's card, while "Majesty" banishes 1 card in either GY.
  • "Masterflare" is a Level 10 Synchro Monster that can be Summoned in-archetype using "Earth" and another Main Deck "Hyperion" monster. It can copy the effects of 1 "The Agent" monster or 1 "Sanctuary"-related monster, enabling a large variety of advanced combos (such as by copying "Venus"). It also has a Quick Effect which focuses on banish disruption.

"The Sacred Waters in the Sky" is a Spell Card that searches "Sanctuary"-related monsters, making it functionally the archetype's main searcher, though it cannot search "Venus". Likewise, "The Chorus in the Sky" is a recovery Spell card for "Sanctuary"-related cards.

Externally, the archetype strongly supports "Sanctuary"-related cards thanks to its searchers and combo enablers, and is also is strongly supported by "Sanctuary"-related support cards, such as "Celestial Knightlord Parshath" (who additonally enables using the boss monster "Archlord Kristya"). The archetype also benefits greatly from general Fairy support, with "Diviner of the Herald" being an especially strong support for the archetype, as it can 1-card combo (using "Trias Hierarchia") to enable the summon of either "Masterflare Hyperion" or "Protector of The Agents - Moon".

The archetype's focus on LIGHT Attribute lets it benefit from general LIGHT support, and, if hybridized with DARK monsters (such as historically in "T.G." and Tele-Agents), can support a variety of Chaos boss monsters. Lastly, the archetype has the capacity to Summon powerful Level 10 Synchro and Rank 8 Xyz boss monsters.

Recommended cards[edit]