The Dark Door (Tag Force 1)

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The Dark Door
Ankoku no Tobira
Card type Spell
Property Continuous
Rarity Super Rare
Internal number 5225
Password 30606547

Both players can only attack with 1 monster during their respective Battle Phases.

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Character Deck Level Qty
Corey Armageddon's Aftermath 8 1

Other languages

Name Lore
French La Porte des Ténèbres Les deux joueurs ne peuvent attaquer qu'avec 1 seul monstre durant leurs Battle Phases respectives.
German Dunkle Tür Jeder Spieler kann in seiner Battle Phase nur mit 1 Monster angreifen.
Italian La Porta Oscura Entrambi i giocatori possono attaccare solamente con 1 mostro durante le loro rispettive Battle Phase.
Spanish La Puerta Oscura Ambos jugadores pueden atacar sólo con 1 monstruo durante sus respectivas Battle Phases.