The Electric Helmet

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Jonouchi playing The Electric Helmet.

The Electric Helmet, known as The Electric Helmet of Terror in the Japanese version, is the second stage of The Get the Million Game. It has a prize of ¥500,000.[1]

The game is based on "don't touch the wire" games, where the player is to move a ring along a wire without letting the ring touch the wire. Letting the ring touch the wire usually results in a buzzing noise being made. In this game the player must wear a helmet with a bar on top while they run through a course between two overhead high voltage wires within the time limit and without letting the bar on the helmet touch the wires. If the bar makes the slightest tap to the wires, the player will receive a devastating electric shock.[1]

Jonouchi passed this game with not much time left when he was on The Get the Million Game.[1]


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