The Glory of the Gladiator Beasts

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"Gladiator Beasts" beckon other Beasts with amplified effects.

The stage is set for a frenzied fray!

The Glory of the Gladiator Beasts is the eighth Solo Mode Gate in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, and focuses on the Gladiator Beast archetype.

Like most Gates in Solo Mode, each Duel can be played with either the player's own Deck or a provided Loaner Deck fitting the theme of the Gate, with separate rewards for each. Completing this gate for the first time unlocks the Valiant Gladiator Beasts Secret Pack for 24 hours.

Chapter 1: Scenario[edit]

  • Reward: 150 EARTH Orbs

Chapter 2: Practice[edit]

Learn the ins and outs of the "Gladiator Beast" Deck.

This chapter serves as a tutorial for using Gladiator Beasts.

  • Reward: 150 WATER Orbs

Chapter 3: Duel 1[edit]

  • Reward (Loaner): 150 WIND Orbs
  • Reward (My Deck): 150 DARK Orbs

Loaner Deck[edit]

A Deck with Fusion Monsters and high-Level "Gladiator Beast" Monsters. Aim to gather three "Gladiator Beast" Monsters to call forth your best Fusion Monsters. The key is to know which Monsters from your Extra Deck to Summon while you control 2 monsters.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A deck featuring a variety of "Gladiator Beast" Monsters. Survive battles and activate the effects of "Gladiator Beasts" by using Equip Spell Cards and "Defensive Tactics."

Chapter 3.1: Locked[edit]

This chapter becomes available after completing the first Duel. It can be unlocked by spending 200 WIND Orbs.

Chapter 3.2: Duel 2[edit]

Loaner Deck[edit]

A Deck based around Winged-Beast "Gladiator Beast" Monsters. Use "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus" and "Gladiator Beast Bestiari" to destroy your Opponent's Cards. The Trap Cards can be activated at different times than the "Gladiator Beast" Monsters' effects, so make effective use of them.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A Deck based around WATER "Gladiator Beast" Monsters. Use "Gladiator Beast Vespasius," which is easy to Special Summon from your Hand, to Summon "Gladiator Beast Domitianus." "Bubble Bringer," which prevents Direct Attacks from Level 4 or higher Monsters, will also help you Special Summon "Gladiator Beast Murmillo" and other Monsters from the Graveyard.

Chapter 3.3: Duel 3[edit]

Loaner Deck[edit]

A mixed Deck of Beasts, Beast-Warriors, and Winged Beasts that combines "Gladiator Beasts" and "Tri-Brigades." Packed with powerful Fusion Monsters and Link Monsters, it is easy to rebuild your lineup even if your Monsters are destroyed.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A Beast-Warrior Deck that combines "Gladiator Beasts" and "Zoodiac." Take advantage of the ease of calling "Zoodiac" monsters to open the Battlefield, and use the high ATK Points of "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monsters to inflict damage on your Opponent.

Chapter 4: Goal[edit]

This chapter acts as a Scenario.