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The Weather

"The Weather" (てん Tenki) is an archetype of Fairy monsters, introduced in Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors and its TCG counterpart Spirit Warriors. All of its Main Deck members are Level 3, except for the Level 6 "The Weather Painter Aurora".

The Weather
All "The Weather" monsters in the artwork of "The Weather Rainbowed Canvas"
All "The Weather" monsters in the artwork of "The Weather Rainbowed Canvas"
  • てん
  • 天気 (base)
  • てんき (ruby)
  • Tenki (romanized)

  • Météorologique
  • Meteorological (translated)

  • Witterung

  • Metereologico
  • Meteorological (translated)

  • 천후
  • 天候 (Hanja)
  • Cheonhu (romanized)

  • do Clima
  • of the Weather (translated)

  • Meteorológico/a
  • Meteorological (translated)


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"The Weather" monsters are designed after various weather phenomena, combined with elements of artist's routines such as drawing, painting, and coloring, with each monster wielding various tools associated with those aforementioned routines. Their respective "The Weather [...] Canvas" Spells/Traps depict each of them in the process of creating the effects of the weather they're associated with.

Each Main Deck monster is also themed after one of the traditional colors of the rainbow, while "The Weather Painter Rainbow" is obviously linked to the rainbow in general.


"The Weather" cards are named after weather phenomenons. In the OCG, each "The Weather Painter" monster has a given name related to either the color or the weather phenomenon they represent.


Color Painter Canvas Phenomenon Art supply
Red N/A N/A N/A N/A
Orange Sun Sunny Sunlight Paintbrush
Yellow Thunder Thundery Thunder Crayon
Green Aurora Auroral Aurora Paint roller
Blue Snow Snowy Snow Airbrush
Indigo Rain Rainy Rain Marker pen
Violet Cloud Cloudy Cloud Fountain pen
Visible spectrum Rainbow Rainbowed Rainbow Paint tubes

Playing styleEdit

The archetype's main playing style revolves around using the "The Weather [...] Canvas" Continuous Spells/Traps to grant additional effects to the "The Weather" Main Deck monsters, according to their position on the Main Monster Zones. Those effects are activated by banishing themselves, and if they do so, they can be Special Summoned back during the next Standby Phase. Most of their monsters also have the capability to place more "The Weather [...] Canvas" Spells/Traps on the field from various places. Because of this, careful consideration, planning ahead and advanced strategical moves are extremely important in order to maximize each of the card's output and adapt to almost every situation.

All of the effects granted by their Spells/Traps are Quick Effects, making them effectively able to dodge almost all targeting and destruction effects. "The Weather Painter Aurora", in turn, also protects their Spells/Traps from being targeted or destroyed, rendering almost any attempts of targeting and destroying them useless. This trait also makes them resistant against most common negation effects.

Some of their monsters like "The Weather Painter Thunder" and "The Weather Painter Sun" can also use any Continuous Spell/Trap for their effects, thus they also have synergy with floodgate and lockdown cards like "Anti-Spell Fragrance" or "Skill Drain". "The Weather Painter Cloud" can also help recovering their Spell/Traps from the Graveyard, allowing them to use cards like "Magic Planter" and turn it into more advantage instead of an even trade.

Recommended cardsEdit

Recommended cards

Official DecklistsEdit

A "The Weather" Deck that makes use of "Cherubini, Ebon Angel of the Burning Abyss" included in LINK VRAINS Pack.

Aim to assemble "The Weather" monsters on the field by Tributing "Fluff Tokens" (that are Special Summoned by "Dandylion" being sent to the Graveyard) with "The Weather Sunny Canvas".

Xyz Summon "Meliae of the Trees" using "The Weather Painter Snow" and a "Performapal Hip Hippo" Special Summoned by "Super Hippo Carnival", and with its effect, send "Dandylion" from the Deck to the Graveyard.

Since "The Weather" Decks have many Level 3 monsters, you can Link Summon "Cherubini, Ebon Angel of the Burning Abyss", which can send "The Weather Painter Sun", which can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard, leading to further plays.[1]

"The Weather" Deck


Due to the reliance on banishing themselves as cost for their effects, "The Weather" Decks are vulnerable to cards like "Imperial Iron Wall" or "Artifact Lancea". "Gozen Match" can also cripple their ability to Summon more monsters onto the field, forcing them to rely on just one monster to maintain their position.

Despite their heavy reliance on banishing, they're also susceptible to banishment themselves. Mass-banishing effect of cards like those of "Arkbrave Dragon" is especially the most dangerous, rendering cards like "The Weather Painter Cloud" useless, with "The Weather Painter Aurora" unable to stop it. Banishing also put their monsters out of reach from "The Weather Sunny Canvas", while "The Weather Painter Sun" unable to revive himself.

Much like other boss monsters in the game, cards like "Solemn Warning" and "Black Horn of Heaven" can stop the Summoning of "Rainbow", while the "Kaijus" can effortlessly remove her from the field (assuming the Main Monster Zones aren't full).