Thelonious Viper (Tag Force)

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Thelonious Viper
Viper in Tag Force 3.
Viper in Tag Force 3.
Japanese translatedProfessor Cobra
Japanese name
RōmajiPurofessā Kobura
  • Male
SchoolWest Academy
Tag Force 2
  • Snake Impaction
  • Snake Bite
  • The Final Battle
  • Snake Abundance
Tag Force 3
  • Venom Pool
  • Venom Swamp
  • Venom Lake
  • Venom Ocean
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2
Appears in
Viper, Thelonious

Thelonious Viper, known as Professor Cobra (プロフェッサー・コブラ, Purofessā Kobura) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force video game series. This is a video game depiction of Thelonious Viper, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Tag Force 2[edit]

Viper and Axel Tag Duel against the player and Jesse during Jesse's last story event.

Viper is unlocked as a normal opponent upon finishing Jesse's story.

Tag Force 3[edit]

Viper can be found in the overworld after finishing the game with Axel as a partner.


Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
  • Gyoza
  • Garlic
  • Fermented Cheese
  • Fermented Soybean
  • Cook's Sandwich
  • Ramen Noodle
  • Rice Ball
  • Soba Noodle
  • Tofu
  • Any unlisted sandwiches
  • Cream
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Normal Egg
  • Croquette
  • Fried Noodle
  • Jam
  • Curry
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet Bean Paste
  • Cheese
  • None



Professor from West Academy. He was invited to spend the year at the main Duel Academy by Chancellor Sheppard in order to improve the dueling abilities of Duel Academy's students.

Professor Viper kicks off the year by immediatly announcing "Partner Survival Duels", which starts a panic among the students and professors. His motives are still unclear...

He is a serious teacher, as his appearance would suggest.
Although he is not someone you would want to be in charge, he does actually care for his students.

Professor Viper's Deck is still a mystery...





A teacher who was specially invited to Duel Academy from West Academy, one of its sister schools.
Being invited to help the students improve their dueling abilities, shortly after arriving, he announces the beginning of "Partner Disclosure Duels", to the confusion and worry of both the students and the other teachers.
His motives are not known.

A serious, Spartan-like teacher in both appearance and personality.
Not the ideal person to put in charge, but he seems to care for his students in some way.

His Decks are a mystery.


Tag Force 2[edit]

  • Viper only uses this Deck during Jesse's last story event.

Tag Force 3[edit]