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  • Toombs
RōmajiOmaeno Ushirou
  • Male
  • Career
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 01010: "A Terrifying Ghost Story Duel"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Kevin K Gomez[1]
  • Ryo Takizawa

Toombs, known as Ushiro Omaeno (まえウシロウ Omaeno Ushirou) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the bassist of RoaRomin.

Mr. Omaeno, a character resembling Toombs, appears as a UTS employee in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



Full-body view of Toombs

Toombs is an unassuming young boy with pale skin and long messy black hair that usually conceals his silver eyes. In comparison to his more flashily-dressed bandmates, Toombs dresses in simple clothes; a long sleeved shirt with a grey body and lighter grey sleeves that hang over his wrists, charcoal pants, and brown cowboy boots.


Toombs is a troubled person with an identity crisis. Because his name literally means "behind you" along his low profile when compared to Roa and Romin, he struggles to have his existence properly noticed, much less his name remembered, as many people assume he is telling them to look behind them. He for the most part has a rather creepy demeanor, speaking quietly before going in louder rants for a rather terrifying contrast.

Toombs is fond of urban legends, having his Deck full of monsters to represent them, and even goes as far as to explain them, which coupled with his unkempt appearance and vocal swings can lead to a rather frightful atmosphere. Beneath his spooky exterior, Toombs is not truly malicious and seeks for people to acknowledge him. When Luke praised him and vowed to remember his name, he smiled genuinely for the first time, overjoyed at being acknowledged. He speaks and reacts more normally after Luke begins to surprise him during their Duel.


Toombs's Japanese name "Ushiro Omaeno" literally translates to "It's behind you!" in Japanese. Due to this, he uses his name to spook people into looking behind them, though this has the unfortunate side effect of most people not realizing when he's actually introducing himself.[2] His English name is a corruption of "tomb", referencing the fact that he uses a Zombie Deck.



Toombs joined RoaRomin a year before the series.[2] He was the last member of RoaRomin to join the band.[3]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Roa enlisted Toombs to Duel Lucidien "Luke" Kallister for the three-vs.-three Duel he planned to use to gain ownership of Rush Duels, as the superstitious Luke would be easily scared by Toombs's name and Ghost Story Duel. As they were holding the concert at the Big Seven Arena, Toombs used the building's disused nature and ghost stories to terrify Luke in the hallways before the concert.[2]

Toombs is overjoyed that Luke has remembered his name.

After Yuga Ohdo agreed to Rush Duel Roa in the team Duel, Luke eagerly volunteered to Duel first, so Roa had Toombs step up for the Duel as they had planned. Toombs initially controlled the Duel, scaring Luke by continually shouting his name and recounting ghost stories that were connected to his monsters, while manipulating Luke's cards to deplete his LP and prevent him from taking any actions on his first turn. He drew "Wicked Shadow Dark Lurker" and "Behind You!" on his next turn, using the effect of the former in combination with "Dry Knock Sound" to destroy all of the Spells and Traps he'd forced Luke to Set, while preparing to return it to the field with "Behind You!" On Luke's next turn, Toombs reduced his LP to 300 and used "Behind You!" to Special Summon "Dark Lurker" and switch its DEF with its ATK, but his claim that his card shared his name alerted Luke that he had been saying his own name. Toombs was shocked that Luke had taken so long to deduce his name, lamenting that no-one ever remembered it. Luke then brought out "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and "Shock Dragon", the latter in particular surprising Toombs. Luke reduced the ATK of "Dark Lurker" to allow his Dragon to destroy it and defeat Toombs, but even as Toombs lamented his loss, Luke told him it had been a great Duel and told him he would remember his name, much to Toombs's joy.[2] Toombs remained waiting at the back of the stage as Romin Dueled Gavin Sogetsu, facing the wall the entire time.[4]

Roa Dueled Yuga next, and as Kaizo introduced Roa to the audience he rated both Toombs and Tyler at zero among the band, much to their displeasure. As Roa Dueled Yuga, Toombs and Tyler helped amplify Roa's presence with stage tricks.[5] Yuga eventually drew "Sevens Road Magician", and was poised to be disqualified as Roa had planned, but then a Relic emerged from the ground and projected Otes, who confirmed "Sevens Road Magician" was legal and that RoaRomin had been blocking its information. The Duel continued after Roa voiced the extent of his desire to become the King of Duels, but Roa was eventually defeated.[3]


For unknown reasons, Toombs was present during the Duel between Tyler and Roa in the Garden of Curiosity. When Yuga, Luke and Gavin encountered Tyler, they initially mistook him for Toombs, and Toombs called his name from the stands. As Tyler's Goha Enterprises supporters chanted Tyler's name, Toombs stood with them in the stands, quietly whispering his own name.[6] After Tyler was defeated and he returned to the surface, Toombs was with him at the Big Seven Arena when Romin came to ask them if they'd heard about Maximum Summoning, though Toombs had not heard of it.[7]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Toombs eventually decided to return to Roa, and though Tyler claimed to be unwilling he nevertheless followed Toombs. Roa welcomed them back, claiming that Toombs and Tyler were like his two aces; "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Invasion". Toombs, Roa and Tyler entered the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as Team Roa and Tyler and Toombs and interrupted Goha President's openings speech with a grand entrance, but to their shock Roa challenged Goha alone, wanting to win the right to speak to Otes, and Toombs believed Roa had only wanted to be speaking to Otes and had used them as pawns. Tyler stormed out of the stadium despite Toombs's protests, claiming that Roa only valued them as much as he did his cards, but Toombs and Tyler were heartened to see Roa bring out both "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion". To Toombs's shock and anger, Roa then Tributed both monsters to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", and Tyler bitterly claimed Roa only saw them as pawns and left his drumsticks behind as he left the grounds. Toombs remained behind as Roa exited the stadium after his victory, having failed to speak to Otes due to his escape, and he told Roa that he and Tyler didn't want to stand behind him any longer before leaving the stadium.[8]

To Toombs and Tyler's dismay, Roa teamed up with Yuga and continued participating in the tournament. As they were sitting under a bridge they were approached by Kaizo, who claimed to have been abused by Yuga and Luke and desired revenge, a tale that moved Toombs and Tyler. They went with Kaizo to the Abandoned Dorm to wait for Luke, Romin, Gavin, Saburamen, Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi and supported Kaizo as he Rush Dueled Luke. To Toombs's surprise, Kaizo revealed that his new employers, Goha 66, were intending to retire from the Goha Enterprises with final fireworks; he had no idea that the tournament had such motives behind its façade. After Luke defeated Kaizo, he told Toombs and Tyler that he believed Roa had genuinely wanted to team up with them in the tournament, as he wouldn't have needed them if he only wanted to get to Otes, and explained that Roa had only teamed up with Yuga to determine the truth behind the tournament, something Romin suggested was due to Luke's own desire to team up with Yuga.[9]

On the third day of the tournament, Toombs and Tyler watched the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal between Roa and Romin's teams. Before the Duels, they spied on Roa, Yuga and Nail, who were trying to find who was behind the tournament. Roa and Romin Dueled in the first match, but Roa was quickly pushed into a corner by Romin, who claimed he was alone and couldn't stand by himself. To Toombs's surprise, Tyler snapped that he couldn't keep watching this and left, and Toombs quickly realized what his friend was doing and followed him into the arena, intimidating Flash Umiko into letting them stay as they were RoaRomin members. Toombs was overjoyed to see Roa Summon "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", the card that represented him, standing alongside "Invasion" and "Doom Metal" as Roa set the stage with "Royal Rebel's Live Arena". Despite Roa's comeback, Romin was able to defeat him and RoaRomin reconciled after the Duel; Tyler offering to help them find out who was behind the tournament.[10]

Roa sent Toombs and Tyler to help Seatbastian, Schrödinger Nekoyama and Buff Grimes examine the tournament data in Nail's haven in the Garden of Curiosity. As Tyler began examining the data, Grimes, Nekoyama and Seatbastian began interjecting that they'd checked various parts of it, distracting him from his work, so Toombs offered to distract them for Tyler, keeping them occupied by telling them ghost stories.[11] Toombs and Grimes eventually began providing Tyler with calories to maintain his workload as Roa called Tyler for updates while Yuga and Luke prepared to Duel. As the power began to fail as Tyler finally found what he was looking for; someone had been using the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal to hack the Goha Duel Server to uninstall Rush Dueling, and Toombs learned over the phone that the server was located on the moon.[12] The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club destroyed Otes' Relic, thought to be responsible for the hack, but Tyler confirmed the process couldn't be stopped. Although Rush Dueling was eventually uninstalled after Luke defeated Yuga, Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall it in the Super Rush Robot.[13]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth and held the Super Rush Robot hostage with Forced Gymnastics Armaments, forcing Romin and her friends to Duel them to deactivate the restraints. After Romin was defeated by Yuka Goha and Yuga was defeated by Yuo Goha's use of Fusion Summoning, Yuga, Luke, Gavin and Swirly joined RoaRomin at the Big Seven Arena to discuss Yuo's "Fusion" and Yuga's excitement over it. As they lay outside watching the stars in a hope to see the Goha Meteor Shower, a baseball stadium appeared from the ground, having been brought there by Nail and Yuka. Romin was eager to pay Yuka back for her loss, though Toombs and Tyler suggested she let Roa Duel instead as she had eaten too many sushi rolls and would likely be unable to awaken. After Roa activated his "Royal Rebel's Live Arena", Toombs noted in satisfaction that it would protect his monsters from being destroyed by Trap Cards and he yelled his name at Yuka after she asked who he was. Toombs worried for Roa when Yuka pushed him into a corner and was shocked when Yuka revealed she didn't know who RoaRomin were and destroyed "Live Arena". Despite that, Toombs could still hear someone cheering for Roa and fondly recalled RoaRomin's journey from their first performance. He cheered when Roa Summoned "Royal Rebel's Babybass" and was able to defeat Yuka, sending her fleeing in tears. After the Duel Toombs and Tyler hugged Roa in joy, then returned to watching the stars, though they noted they likely wouldn't be able to see the Goha Meteor Shower and headed home.[14]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga, Luke and Kaizo visited Toombs at Big Seven Arena to ask him if he knew anything that could manipulate someone, as Swirly had been acting strangely. Toombs told them about the urban legend of the "forbidden Duel" that could manipulate someone, though he didn't know how to cure Swirly. Luke believed Toombs hadn't been very helpful, though Yuga claimed Toombs had been very helpful, but to Toombs' dismay Luke admitted he'd forgotten his name again.[15]


Toombs plays a Zombie Deck, composed of monsters with low ATK and Spell and Trap Cards that are based around manipulating his opponent's Spell and Traps to inflict effect damage without needing to attack. If his opponent manages to make a comeback, Toombs can use his signature Trap Card "Behind You!" to return his "Wicked Shadow Dark Lurker" to the field and switch its gargantuan DEF with its ATK.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 10 Lose


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