Toon Summoned Skull (World Championship 2004)

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WC2004 / WC2005 / WC2006

Toon Summoned Skull
Tūn Dēmon
Toon Daemon
Attribute DARK
Type Fiend / Toon
Level 6
ATK / DEF 2500 / 1200
Number 0689
Internal number 4735

This card cannot be summoned unless "Toon World" is on the field. This card cannot attack in the same turn that it is summoned. Pay 500 Life Points each time this monster attacks. When "Toon World" is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If your opponent doesn't control a Toon monster on the field, this card may inflict Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points. If a Toon monster is on your opponent's side of the field, your attacks must target the Toon monster.


Set Rarity
Toon Summoned Skull packRare
Yami Yugi 1 packRare
Purple Millennium Puzzle pack Common
Yellow Millennium Puzzle pack Common
Eye of Wdjat pack Common

Characters' Decks

The following characters use "Toon Summoned Skull" in their Deck.

Character Deck Qty
Maximillion Pegasus Toonized 2