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The Tops of Hexagon, from left to right: Number 1, Number 5, Number 6 (Mimi Atachi), Number 3, Number 4, and Number 2[1]

The Tops of Hexagon (トップ・オブ・ヘキサゴン Toppu Obu Hekisagon) were the six executives of the Goha Corporation in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, below President Goha. They assist him in coordinating the response to the sudden installation of Rush Duels into their servers.

Mimi Atachi, as Number 6[2], was the only named member of the Top of Hexagon, and the only female member.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After Rush Duels were installed into the Goha Corporation servers, the Tops of Hexagon and President Goha worked to eliminate them and any mention of them, worrying about their sudden installation and their inability to locate their data in the server. The most the Goha Corporation could do was censor any digital information concerning Rush Duels, but information eventually made it into print in the form of the Goha 7th Elementary Newspaper, which identified Yuga Ohdo as their creator. The Tops convened and President Goha pointed out a notebook that Yuga held in an image on the newspaper's cover that claimed to hold the secrets of Rush Dueling. Mimi Atachi volunteered to go undercover at Goha 7th to obtain the notebook, but though she was successful, it did not yield immediate results, and Mimi continued to attend Goha 7th, while the other Tops began to analyze Yuga's notebook.[3]


The Tops of Hexagon defeated by Nail.

Dissatisfied with the current situation related to Rush Duels and the lack of progress made by Mimi and Nail Saionji, the Tops of Hexagon sans Mimi herself approached the Garden of Providence with the intent to fire the two of them. Nail identified that their true goal in doing this was to amass more power for themselves, removing their sixth member and taking over Nail's duties within the company to move up the corporate ladder. Despite the uneven challenge, Nail agreed to leave Goha on the condition that all five of the Tops of Hexagon defeated him in a Rush Duel simultaneously. In actuality, this was merely a ploy by Nail to allow him the opportunity to use Real-Time Duel Programming to implement his Maximum Summon rule into Rush Duels, subsequently defeating all five of them at the same time.[4] After the Duel, he took the Duel ID cards of all five, and rewrote the ID cards of Numbers 1, 2 and 4 into "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", though the IDs of Numbers 3 and 5 rejected the rewrite.[1]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Following their loss to Nail, the five members of the Tops of Hexagon are all demoted from their executive status. Shortly after, Mimi is also demoted for failing to keep her colleagues in check, effectively terminating the entire group.[5] Following their demotion, several Goha executives met at the Goha Corporation Main Office to discuss the rising popularity of Rush Duels, with one having suggested that the crisis was caused by the lack of a Top of Hexagon and that an election should be held immediately, though nothing came of his proposal.[6]


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