Tori Meadows (World Duel Carnival)

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Tori Meadows
Tori Meadows
English name
  • Tori Meadows
Japanese translatedKotori Mizuki
Japanese name
Japaneseづき とり
Base観月 小鳥
Furiganaみづき ことり
RōmajiMizuki Kotori
  • Female
World Duel Carnival!
  • Cheerful Cheergirls ♪ ★2
  • Everyone Gathers in Valhalla ♪ ★7
  • Cheerful Cheergirls ♪ ★5
Appears in
Nintendo 3DSYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival
Meadows, Tori

Tori Meadows, known as Kotori Mizuki (づき とり Mizuki Kotori) in the Japanese version, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival. This is a video game depiction of Tori Meadows, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.




性格せいかくで、遊馬ゆうまにたびたびツッコミをれている。 遊馬ゆうまたいして内心ないしん好意こういっているが、なにふんかれ精神年齢せいしんねんれいがあまりにもひくいため、告白こくはくにはいたっていない。



A student attending Heartland Academy.

Yuma's classmate and childhood friend.

An unyielding person, she often is the straight man to Yuma and his antics. She harbors feelings for Yuma, but she has not confessed it to him yet because he is still immature.

She has a special skill to express her emotions by yelling Yuma's name in all kinds of situations, such as when she wants him to do particular things, when she is giving him a pep talk, or when she is thinking about him.

Having only watched the dueling scene and having very little experience by playing herself, she has never participated in any tournament.



  • This Deck is used against the player during Story Mode at the lower difficulties.
  • This Deck is used during Story Mode against the player at the highest difficulty.
  • These Decks are used in Tori's storyline and in Free Duel Mode.
  • Tori's Deck can be edited using any number of copies of the following cards during her story.
Main Deck