Tragoedia's Weighing of the Heart

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Tragoedia's Weighing of the Heart
The White Feathered Spirit being weighed against the Feather of Ma'at
Game details
LocationShrine of Wedju
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! GX
Chapters31: "Darkness on the Move!!"

Tragoedia's Weighing of the Heart was a trial the priests Akhenaden, Kalim's predecessor and Seto's predecessor performed on Tragoedia as they questioned his involvement in an attempt to kill Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen.



Tragoedia was caught intruding in the Shrine of Wedju, shortly after his disciple committed suicide following a failed attempt to kill the pharaoh.

Akhenaden, Kalim's predecessor, and Seto's predecessor questioned Tragoedia's involvement. When he refused to answer, they opted to perform the Weighing of the Heart to measure his sins.


Seto's predecessor Summoned the White Feathered Spirit, who assimilated Tragoedia's heart and rested on one end of the Millennium Scales. Kalim's predecessor, the holder of the Millennium Scales, placed the Feather of Ma'at on the other end of the Scales. The White Feathered Spirit represented the sins of Tragoedia's heart, while the feather represented his good deeds.

The side of Tragoedia's sins quickly slammed to the ground and was so heavy that the White Feathered Spirit turned black. The priests were astonished that a man's sins could be so heavy, but Tragoedia laughed that theirs must also be heavy after what they did at Kul Elna. He claimed that the weight of his crimes was equal to the weight of the crimes they committed at Kul Elna and described his as the weight of revenge.


Tragoedia transformed into a monster and Seto's predecessor tried to seal him in a stone slab. Tragoedia attempted to counter, but his heka was weak, since the White Feathered Spirit had assimilated it. He tried to grab the White Feather Spirit, but it assimilated the Feather of Ma'at, making him unable to touch it. Seto's predecessor then sealed Tragoedia in a stone slab.