Treats Special Summon as Ritual Summon

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This search category entry lists all cards that Special Summon a monster and treat this Special Summon as a Ritual Summon.

"Treats Special Summon as Ritual Summon" cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Conductor of NephthysネフティスのつなEffect Monster
Ritual Monster
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Incarnated Machine Angelおうじんかいてん使Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Luminous Dragon RitualこうりゅうこうりんSpell CardRitual Spell Card
Luminous Dragon Ritual (D Team)こうりゅうこうりんSpell CardRitual Spell Card
Luminous Dragon Ritual (Duel Links)こうりゅうこうりんSpell CardRitual Spell Card