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"Ferrijit", "Rugal", "Brigrand the Glory Dragon", "Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous", and "Dogmatika Ashiyan" in the artwork of "Tri-Brigade Revolt".
  • トライブリゲード
  • Toraiburigēdo (romanized)
  • Tri-Brigade
  • Sta-Brigade
  • Tri-Brigata
  • Tri-Brigada
  • Tri-Brigada
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"Tri-Brigade" (トライブリゲード Toraiburigēdo) is an archetype of Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast monsters that debuted in Phantom Rage.


"Tri-Brigade" monsters are in the form of humanoid beasts and birds, wearing masks or goggles, and all "Tri-Brigade" monsters are equipped with shooting weapons except Tri-Brigade Kitt.


"Shuraig" and the Tri-Brigade Crest

The "Tri-Brigade" archetype shares the same universe as the "Dogmatika", as seen in the artworks of their Spells and Traps.


"Tri-Brigade" could be a portmanteau consisting of "tri" (referencing their 3 different Types), "tribe", "brigand" and "brigade". The kanji for the "Tri Brigade" theme is the Iron Beast Frontline/鉄獣戦線. Refer to the a monster with a beast-like design in iron armor.

Playing style[edit]

Their effects revolve around banishing monsters and Link Summoning.

"Fraktall" allows you to easily Special Summon "Shuraig". To do that, you can discard it to send "Kitt" from your Deck to the GY, which can then send "Nervall". Then, use the effect of "Nervall" to add "Kerass" to your hand. Summon "Kerass" and use its first effect to banish "Fraktall", "Kitt", and "Nervall" from your Graveyard to Summon "Rugal", then use both "Rugal" and "Kerass" to Link Summon "Shuraig". It is also possible to Special Summon "Ferrijit" before Link Summoning "Shuraig" in order to get more monsters on the field. Because of the importance of "Fraktall", running "Fire Formation - Tenki" to search it is required.

Recommended cards[edit]