Tricky's Magic 4 (World Championship 2006)

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Tricky's Magic 4
Torikkīzu Majikku Fō
Card type Spell
Property Quick-Play
Number 1688
Internal number 6158
Password 75622824
Cost 2600 DP

Activate by sending one "The Tricky" card that is face up on your field to the Graveyard. When activating this card, only the monsters that are in your opponent's field are Special Summoned in Defensive Position as "Tricky Tokens" (Spellcaster-Type/WIND/5 Star/ATK 2000/DEF 1200). These Tokens cannot declare an attack.


Set Rarity
Quick/Counter CollectionCommon
Special Summon Collection BRare
All Spells Common
All at Random Common

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